Congress, Impeach President Donald J. Trump, remove the infection and stain on America now!

Mueller’s Investigation is proving to be not only necessary but educational and fact-finding in many ways. The number of indictments, are growing, the guilty pleas are growing and the President sits around yelling fake news, witch hunt and stupid explanations like people will buy it all now?

Yesterday’s news that Mueller and his team have indicted eleven Russians for interfering in, the 2016 Presidential Election, joins an earlier number of thirteen other Russians indicted for a total of 24 Russians all proven to had been working to get Trump elected.

Add to that The following names indicted and some pleading guilty also, Flynn, Manafort, Popadoupulis, Gates, and more and the numbers are staggering, as to who was working to get Trump elected with the Russians.

With the Department of Justice and Mueller and his team stating beyond a fact, the Russians were working to get Donald J. Trump elected President, all the evidence and facts are slowly dripping out of the Russian Investigation and adding up. The real question to answer right now is simple, how soon will Mueller be done with his investigation and hand it into Rosenstein and The Justice Department to be shuttled to Congress? How fast will Congress react and start writing Impeachment Articles against Donald J. Trump to pull him from office or to Impeach him and limit his actions?

As time goes on, we have seen an inept, illegitimate, lying man in the Oval Office. As the news says and has been saying for months now this man lies to the American people on the average of nine times a day and no one in congress reacts!

He mocks our allies, he isolates us from the world, attacks Nato and the United Nations, and places tariffs on our allies.  What the hell is he doing and does he understand it at all?

The Russians are running the show, and Trump is just Putin’s Puppet is what is happening. The Russians and Putin want America isolated from the world and Nato so they can expand and retake territories they lost when the USSR disbanded. The Russians want America isolates from NATO, and attacking our own allies they and Putin are getting just what they want from Trump, I wonder why?

One of the first things Trump did as President, is on tape, shown on news networks worldwide. He stands in the Oval Office, and brags about firing James Comey to Russians, doesn’t that tell you something folks!  No American President has ever stood in the Oval Office and bragged about firing an American Government Director, to the Russians in American History he did. Why?

I could go on about his actions and lack of reaction by Congress forever, sadly he has ignored Puerto Rico and new hurricanes will be coming in now. Doing more damages I am sure and destroying more homes and killing more Americans. Yet the Island is sitting there unprotected, with blue tarp roofs in place still and they leak. Power is not fully restored and Puerto Ricans cry for help daily, Trump does not react folks, why?

Since the day he came down in the elevator, in Trump Tower to declare his run for the Presidency, he has bad mouthed, put down, discriminated against Hispanics, African Americans and Asians every day.  The man is a bigot, folks, and it is proven everytime he opens his mouth. When will Americans wake up and see what is happening here?

Now he is going to a Summit with America’s mortal enemy for most of our history and he alone is going to sit down with Putin? No witnesses or note takers just him and Putin alone in a room, I say it should not be allowed!  He is already Putin’s puppet and we all know it, and now he gets to meet with his puppet master alone in a room with no witnesses, whats next? Please tell me!

I have heard members of Congress come out and state, President Trump is not upholding his oath of office and protecting America! I agree, but I will go one step further here, Congress, both Houses The House and Senate and those occupying those seats are not doing their jobs either or upholding their Oath of Office. They are sworn in and swear to uphold the Constitution and to protect the American People, from all powers foreign and domestic, well guess what, the domestic threat now is Trump as well as the foreign one, it’s time to do your job Congress, Impeach President Donald J. Trump, remove the infection and stain on America now!









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