All Americans should have the same concern right now. After first 13 Russians being indicted earlier and now 11 more indicted, isn’t it obvious by now,  that Russia interfered in the 2016 and helped Donald Trump win?


The two men pictured above have a common cause between them, both traded their country and it’s information to an opposing country, it called being Traitors!

Americans want to stay in doubt, especially the Republicans out there who are die-hard Trump supporters, such as Paris Denard, Steve Cortes,  Jason Miller, Sean Hannity and such. The facts outweigh any defense you have for Trump!

Lately, as the Russia Investigation into Collusion and Obstruction continues and the evidence keeps coming out each day mind you, the Trump die-hards are getting louder and looking more ridiculous on television news stations with their denials. I find it amusing that they actually try to defend Trump with a straight face and by the end of the interviews or commentary they give they look so stern and concerned but deny it all. It’s sad really!

Trump is compromised period folks, Putin has something on him no doubt about it in my mind, Trump is doing everything Putin wants to be done to America for him. he is Isolating us from the world, he is messing with NATO, pulling us from the Paris Accords on Environment, and placing Tariffs on ally nations our allies. STop and think on it, it is just what Russia and Putin want to take American down a peg in national position and value and leadership.

During the 2016 Campaign, and on National Television Hillary Clinton told the honest truth about Donald Trump to his face and ours, he is a puppet of Putin and Russia! Photo

In America’s history, three American Presidents have been faced with Impeachment Proceeding of some sort. 1) Andrew Johnson, 2) Richard Nixon, 3) William, J, Clinton. Now I submit to the American people a statement here and now, check all three out online and in history please, you will find that all three Presidents had Articles of Impeachment drawn up against them submitted to Congress, yet only one man was removed from office by being forced to resign Richard Nixon.

I submit Donald Trump’s crimes measure up to HIgh Crimes and Misdemeanors and Treason Against America. Whether you agree with my opinion or not is not the point here, what is the point is his crimes and dastardly acts are worse than Nixon’s yet Congress is not acting, why?

On CNN and on FOX and other news stations, on television recently some people have stated that Donald Trump has failed to uphold and fulfill his oath as President of the United States to Protect and Serve the American People, I agree with that statement, and I submit the following statement for all America to read and understand and hear loudly!

The House of Representatives, and The Senate, Majority of Republicans, have failed to uphold their oaths also to Protect and Serve and defend the American People and The Constitution or the United States and its laws. They have failed to stop Donald Trump from handing over America to Russia and Putin and so much more!

Come November 2018, The American People have a choice to make, and it will do you want to let the Republicans continue to keep Donald Trump as President, and continue to let us be isolated and hated by the world and our allies or do you want a change?

I say this America to all Americans who live here and believe in this country and its values and laws, it is time to Vote Out all Republicans who defend Donald Trump or allow him to lead the country astray, or do nothing at all to stop him. VOTE THEM ALL OUT FOLKS, GET RID OF The REPUBLICANS WHO SUPPORT TRUMP, VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN NOVEMBER 2018, let’s put America back into play in the world and join it once again as a member, not an opponent!



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