Donald John Trump/The Second Benedict Arnold

In America’s History, Benedict Arnold turned over information to the British during our Revolutionary War, and in the end, he was branded a traitor to America and banished to Britain for the rest of his life. We all know his story well and it is embedded into our history books and elementary school teachings. Sadly, for Benedict Arnold, he ended up dying a sad, lonely man in England, crying out he didn’t mean it, and he died in American Blue Coats of the American Army, not the British Redcoats of England. Arnold is forever known in History in America and World Wide as the biggest Traitor in our history and the world.

Fast forward to 2015, and the beginning of the revealing of America’s next Traitor and Treasonish man, Donald J. Trump. He declared he was running for the Presidency stepping out of an elevator in Trump Tower and started his run for office, by discriminating statements against Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians. Downgrading and trying to state all immigrants coming to America were illegal and needed to be stopped. I shook my head in disbelief then, and still do today in 2018, for America is built on and by Immigrants folks, they are what we are and made of. So why badmouth and attack immigrants, sad indeed.

Now we have seen the scandals, the illegal acts, add up by July 2018, that we now know we have a Traitor in The White House. Election Scandals and payments in rubles to elect and turn an American Election is sad. Colluding with the Russian President and the Russians is sad folks even to win the White House. We have now 13 Russians at one time and now, 12 more Russians indicted by the Mueller Investigation and Justice Department, total folks 24 Russians. Let’s list names of now of Trump cohorts now indicted or arrested, of convicted of meddling and lying and laundering money to get him elected. Michael Flynn, Security Advisor, George Popadaupulis, Bill Gates, Manafort, just for starters. Roger Stone will probably be next I am sure for his contacts with the Wikki Leaks Owner and Creator.

Then we find he paid a total of 280 thousand dollars through Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to keep them quiet about his affairs before the election. Sad isn’t is! Sixteen other women came forward and accused Donald J. Trump of Sexual Abuse and no one reacted, no they ran to the poles and voted for him? Sad!

Now, he sets up a Summit first in Singapore with Kim Jung UN, goes and gives up military exercises with Soth Korea and gets nothing in return! Then, he sets up a Summit with Putin of Russia, praises him publically and talks down his own CIA, FBI, and National Security Team and Advisor publically, wow! He fired Sally Yates, James Comey for not cooperating with his request to stop the Investigation into Michael Flynn and no one reacted. What President invites the Russians to the White House and then brags about firing his own FBI Director? This is not a Presidency for you or I Americans, this is a Presidency bought and paid for by Putin, Russia, and being directed by Putin. He is controlling Trump and definitely has him by his balls in my opinion. What Trump did in Helsinki, Finland, is cow-tow, and kiss Putin’s shoes and ass. He sold his own country down the tubes folks and committed treason right before the world’s eyes and ours.

Is Congress going to sit still and let this continue now? When will they react in the Senate and House and start to do something to stop this all? It is time Congress get off your ass and write Articles of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump! As John Brennan said the former CIA Director, His Acts have now reach the heights of High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Treason!  Donald John Trump is indeed and should now be treated as The Second Benedict Arnold and should be run out of Washington, as a Traitor for Treason!


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