Never has an American President stood beside a Russian President and acted in such stupidity and with such a kowtowing attitude, and kissed ass so well! Trump is kissing Putin’s ass for sure and what all America wants to know as does the world is why and what does Putin have on Trump? Putin says he has never met Trump and when Trump was in Russia he had no idea he was there, yet in statements by Trump in 2015, he himself says he knows Putin and knows he can get along with him! Interesting isn’t it?

He can change the word all he wants from would or wouldn’t, but it does not change what we and all the world saw from Helsinki on public television throughout the world! Where are Trump’s balls, where are his guts, where is his brain, what is wrong with this man?

As the Mueller Investigation continues on, naming Russians who helped pay for and advanced Trump for President in America and that screwed with the Election, Americans must face what no one Trump Supporter wants to, Russia and Putin paid for in rubles, millions upon millions to get Trump Elected to the American Presidency! Facts are facts Trump Supporters and you can’t change them or hide them!

You can’t change the fact that he put out 280 grand to two women to shut them up, prior to the 2016 election and hide his affairs from the American People. You can’t hide the sixteen women accusing him of sexual abuse and harassment! You can’t hide he fired Sally Yates and Jim Comey and then bragged to the Russians in the White House, in the Oval Office on television he did so and why?

You can’t hide the fact He asked Comey to take it easy on Michael Flynn! You can’t hide the fact Michael Flynn is working with the Special Prosecutor, Michael Cohen his attorney is getting ready to turn states evidence against Trump! You can’t hide the recent twelve indictments of Russians and the prior indictments of 13 more, for a total of 25 Russians!

Now on the world stage, Trump has given up military exercises that protected South Korea from North Korea for decades and got nothing in return from Kim Jung UN.

Answer me a question folks please, What was the reason to get on a plane to Helsinki and meet Putin in the first place? That is other than Trump wanted to do so for his own purposes and reasons, what reason did he have for national security or for America’s Benefit? None! Then when he does it he fails to stand up to Putin and support his own Intelligence Organizations facts that Putin was behind Election Meddling. Instead of standing there and facing the man down he plays nice and kisses Putin’s ass, why?

You want to determine would or wouldn’t, try this one, Would Putin and Russia have taped or recorded Trump in Russia having sex with Russian Whores and would they use it to compromise him as President or Wouldn’t They? I think they would, even though Trump would say they wouldn’t and didn’t!.  The performance of Trump as the American President in Helsinki at the Summit with Putin is a disgrace and dishonors America!

I have heard now, many times on Television New Stations, Members of The Senate and House of Representatives, say that Trump has failed to uphold his Oath of Office as President of America. I submit here and now for all America to see and hear, The Senate and House of Representatives, those we voted into office in 2016, are not upholding their Oath of Office either, they were put in to be a check and balance system on The Presidency, to write laws and bills and to protect and serve the American People, they are failing at their Oath of Office.

Now, I suggest to all Americans, The November 2018 Election is coming, you want to stop the deadlock in Congress, you want to protect America, You want action, VOTE OUT THE CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! START OVER, CENSURE TRUMP, and WRITE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT and FORCE TRUMP TO RESIGN!


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