To Congress, Both Houses

To: Congress

The Senate and House of Representatives

We the American People, have a major problem, actually, we have two, one is an unfit, unstable, dangerous President in Donald J. Trump who is a Putin bought and paid for puppet!

The second problem we have is a do nothing, lazy assed, scared Congress, that is just as scared as people in Trump’s Administration to check him and do their jobs.

Trump’s Administration is afraid of him and afraid to speak up to him and tell him he shouldn’t be doing something or to stop him from doing something, or even advise him against doing things. They fear his temper and wraith, they fear his attacking them in the media and they let him do whatever comes to mind. It’s a very dangerous thing to allow folks, this is a man in an Office, with his finger on the button of the biggest storage and cache of nukes in the world.

I have heard in the Media, many times over now how Trump has not lived up to his Oath of Office as President of The United States, to Serve and Protect the Constitution and the people of the United States and I agree. Yes, I believe he should be Impeached, but I also know the process takes a very long time, and Congress is too lazy to do it. If Congress had any guts at all they would write Articles of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump and have hearings, but, the Republicans are in power his own party and they protect him. They fear him and are afraid of losing their seats, sad.

I submit to the American People and the World, that Congress, The Senate, and The House needs changing now too. The current members of the Senate and Gouse of Representatives are not living up to their oath any more than Trump is his as President. Congress is put in place to write laws and as a check and balance on the Presidency, it’s purpose is to reign in and help control the President and to check what he does, they are not doing it, folks.

Like under Richard Nixon, we have in office a dangerous man, who is doing what he wants, when he wants and as he wants and Congress sits by and goes, Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three bags full!  I have heard the Democrats as they cry they are not the Majority and they can’t do anything without the votes. My reply is simple to the Democrats, take the evidence of all of what Trump has done and is in the Mueller Report/ Investigation and slam the Republicans in the press on tv, in the newspapers, and on radio, with the proof. Force them to react.

Republicans across America, who are protecting Donald Trump and supporting him, should be voted out come November 2018. Trump should be forced out, in the same way, Richard Nixon was, pressure and more pressure, make it unrelenting.  Unless you do this, he is going to continue to ruin and wreck the democracy and republic our forefathers built.

I submit, Andrew Johnson. Richard Nixon and yes even Bill Clinton did far less then what Donald Trump has done against the America we love and they were Impeached. So why is Donald Trump not being Impeached?

I have heard the excuses, of, it will take too long, his crimes don’t add up to High Crimes and Misdemeanors, yes they do.  His acts are not of Treason they say, well here is my take on that one, Treason is an act against your own country or government that assists, abides or helps an enemy. If, being bought and paid for by Putin and the Russians aren’t enough to prove Treason, try laundering of money and rubles, try aiding Russia by isolating America from the world, by removing us from the Paris Accords and attacking NATO.

Trump lies to the American People on the Average of 9 times a day, is this right? No! The proof is staggering just from the number of indictments coming out of Mueller’s probe, the Russians alone now own 25 of them, folks. Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Roger Stone, Donald Trump JR. all spoke to Russians and colluded with them and here we sit with Congress doing nothing about it. It’s sad!.

Congress needs to wake up, and Write Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump, or be replaced come November 2018 by new members who will. Vote out these die-hard supporters of Trump, vote in reliable, stable individuals, who are not afraid of him. Set it straight Americans, Fight Back, Vote out the Republicans, give the Senate and House of representative back to the Democrats and let’s stop the carnage Trump has brought!.



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