Simple things in life/Thank You!

Simple things in life, please us and keep us going daily. The fact we wake up, of course, is one and the fact we have a spouse or family is another, of course. Eating is a pleasure we all enjoy, and breathing is constant until we die, yet what makes each of our lives special? What makes life important for us personally, what simple pleasures keep you going on a daily basis when you wake up? Have you ever thought about any of it? Billions of people in the world wake up and fall right into the patterns they do each day and not think twice about anything else, we all do it, we are sometimes like automations, even if we are human and can be hurt.

Yet it is important for all to understand, each of us is different in one important way, the way is again simple to understand, but very complicated for no one understands the human brain. What makes humans individuals is the brain, a fantastic piece of the human body, unique to just our own species. Because of the brains, we are individuals and we are raised by other individuals of our own kind of course. They influence our way of thinking and being and direct us away from harm to survive as long as possible, they are called family. The family is vital to human beings and it does not matter what color, race, size, shape or form you are, the family is everything that makes you who, you are until you reach puberty and start to form your own opinions and ideas and do your own thing in life. I know, I know I said simple things right, well the basics are simple, the one thing that isn’t is the human brain. Each of us, have a brain of our own, and it gets affected by outside things like how we are treated by others, perceptions we encounter, and cultural influences too, we are taught and that, are handed down from generation to generation. So when we talk, things like discrimination, it is a taught reaction we instill in our children, they are not born with it, neither is prejudice.  Both are taught to us in our family life and in the homes we live in, or parts of society we come from, sadly, it is there.

The hardest part of a simple solution is to find a way to change these things in life for all humanity. To change it, people must realize no matter what color your skin, what nationality you are, where you live, all of us are human. We breathe air, we eat food, we socially interact with one another and we depend on one another period. If we are yelled at we all react the same and defend ourselves, is we are hit we all fight back in anyway we can, especially if hurt. We all bleed the same color blood folks, yes we all are human.

I will tell you a simple truth that makes this all make sense, here and now and end with this simple truth. If you no matter what color, what nationality, what race, get in an accident, and get badly injured, and your rushed to a hospital, and need a blood transfusion, do they go to the blood bank and look for blood from African Americans or White Americans, or Hispanic Americans or Asian Americans, before they transfuse you and save your life? No they don’t, they look for a blood type yes to match what you have in you to save your life, and when you wake up alive and healthy, does it matter to you who’s blood you go, from what race, nationality or color, no it doesn’t why because it’s human blood that saved you.

Sometimes, mankind, complicated things too much to get to the basic truths, the basic truth is this, we are all human beings, the only differences really, is not skin color, race, nationality, it is the human brain, that’s where our individuality comes from, from what we are taught as we grow up and what happens to us as we do. Simple truths are what counts in life, in humanity, and in the world! Keep it simple and mankind will survive. thrive and carry-on, complicate it and mankind will destroy the planet we live on, the air we breathe, and the food we eat, and then die off, just like the dinosaurs before us.

We strive to be better, we strive to achieve, we strive to be what we want to believe and what we are taught. That’s the simple truths folks, and they can not be denied. So whatever your color, race, nationality, remember the one thing that links us all is our needs, our humanity, and blood, and we must get along to survive or we will push a damn button and destroy ourselves. So, stop, think, realize, understand and deal with the truths, not lies. Thank You!



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