VOTE OUT the CURRENT MEMBERS of The Senate and House

Sadly, we are sitting with a President, who blames everyone else, for everything and attacks his last opponent for the Presidency, and can’t let go of it.

How about this Donald Trump, how about you just release your tax returns and then testify and have the interview with Mueller to end the investigation you’re so concerned about daily?

Sadly, what is happening is this, Mueller’s Investigation is getting closer and closer to you and your family and their involvement in all that happened with the Russians during the Election in 2016.

Roger Stone, is now under observation and investigation, Manafort is going to Trial, Bill Gates is under Indictment, George Popodouplis, is Indicted, also and will probably get sentenced soon enough.

12 Russians recently indicted for working on your election to the Presidency for Russia, millions of rubles spent to put you in office, it’s sad.

Two women paid off because you decided to have sex with them while your wife was having your son and you paid them each. Stormy Daniels got 130 grand and Karen McDougal 150 grand, wow. It’s sad folks, we have a horn dog for a President.

Failed Summit with North Korea, Failed Summit and looking like an ass with Putin,. We have to keep living with this, it’s crazy. Why, won’t Congress act?

America, America, God Shed his light on thee, and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea, remember that one? Or how About the Statue of Liberty which says Give us your huddled masses!. Does Trump know anything about America and that we are a country of immigrants? I doubt he has any understanding of our Constitution or the Bills of Rights, he is stupid. he sure doesn’t show any knowledge of what this country is made of and how it is supposed to run, he has no regards fo rthe law, or morals or ethics!

This is the worst President in American History period, we have a total of 45 now and this one is the lowest, worst, morally and ethically and legally blind President we have ever seen or have had.

Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and William Jefferson Clinton all were Impeached, for doing far less than what Donald J. Trump has done in Office!  Donald J. Trump has failed to uphold his Oath of Office and to follow the laws of this country, he needs removed from office and Impeached.

Congress is too afraid of Trump it seems, and they don’t believe Impeaching him is the way to go. I say this to Congress if you do not Write Articles of Impeachment and start hearings of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump, then you are failing at your Oath of Office also. It is your job as Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate to be the check and balance against an illegal and immoral and unethical President, it is your job and you are not doing it.

Come November 2018, I suggest, to all Americans who Vote and care about this country, VOTE OUT the CURRENT MEMBERS of The Senate and House who are not doing their jobs, Start Over.





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