My Books, and Author’s Page!

Currently, I am working on writing my own life story from my own view of it. To do so I am forced first and foremost to be honest, but also to go slowly. Why, well, each major event in my life must be told in as close to chronological order as possible so people understand how they affected me.

I know I am looked at by others as strange or different from most, there are reasons for it, for sure and many will learn them if I finish and publish what I am writing, I am hoping I can do it, but trying to remember and think it all through is not easy as I age. But, for the few who may be concerned or care, I will try to be honest and do what I do in order of what occurred.

That said and done, let’s move on some here. I have many short stories and three small books of poems already for sale on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books website, here, is, the link folks to my Author’s Page:

Now others have told me certain ones are ones they like here they are:

These are the ones I am told are the better ones, as I go along, I am learning, I am not the best person for writing properly, but I am trying to improve and I hope I am.

Running Bear’s Decision is my longest as of yet, a little over 23,000 words.

The Scepter and Throne Mystery I am told is a fast moving short story with surprises.

Ms. Amazing’s Battle is a short look at the battle of my wife against cancer and my living with her.

Dark Secrets tells the tale of my first marriage, and how the dark secrets were revealed and how I survived it all.

I remind anyone who reads this blog or these stories, what I am currently working on, is the overall story of my own life, who affected me, and who I affected and why. Some of the above stories tell part of that, the rest is to be revealed when I finish. So if you knew me as a child, or a teen or a young adult, or even today, you will I hope you will learn something about me you haven’t in real time or life.

Thank you to all who read my blog, my rants on Politics, my poems or stories! In July 2018 I have had 32 copies of my little books taken for free, and yes, 11 people actually purchased a few. I write not for my own pleasure, but to deal with PTSD from childhood and military life and to deal with the ongoing pressure, stress, and tension of living with a wife with Stage Four Cancer that has spread from breast cancer to bone cancer and back, out to the tissues of her body. So, no I am not begging anyone to read my works, I just present them on Amazon Kindle Books as therapy to myself and maybe to help others too.

Let me close with one I wrote because someone wanted to know, why or how I write:


Does writing help PTSD, and help to stabilize one’s mind, I think it does, for it helps you understand yourself and all around you, including the motivations of others and yourself and how to control your own emotions and stresses and tensions too.

Until, the next Blog Folks! I thank all for reading it all!



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