Totally Illegitimate President!

Let’s see now, Sally Yates and James Comey both fired by Trump, supposedly for protecting Hillary Clinton right? Hmmm, interesting that the real reason is they didn’t charge Hillary with any crimes but had something to say about charges against Trump?

Ever notice that Trump blames everyone else for everything, and just keeps pointing fingers back at Hillary Clinton and her run for President? I have, and I wondered why, and he will tell you, she colluded, no prove, he will say her e-mails are missing so what?  Here is a point for you Donald J. Trump, she didn’t use millions upon millions of Russian Rubles to get elected and run ads for President you did!

He gets in office and destroys Obama Care and then blames Obama for everything he can, why? Sad what I call it, by the way, Trump, for your information Barack Obama is a far better man, person, individual and was a greater President than you will ever be!

Matter of fact Donald Trump there are 44 Presidents before you and they are all rated higher and more professional and smarter than you will ever be. Sadly, as history goes on, you will be nothing more than a number 45 in the History Books with nothing accomplished or to talk about regarding your time in Office!

The History books will read all about how you colluded with the Russians, used their rubles to win the election, and how you protect them more than you do the country that elected you President. You are tearing America to pieces to please your puppet master Putin and Congress that is in office currently will go down in history as the most ineffective and non-working one in American history.

Your Legacy Donald Trump will be one of money laundering, colluding, obstruction of justice, and illegitimacy. You are and will always go down in history as the most illegitimate President ever in American History, one who stole the Office, using Russian Rubles. You will be marked and written up as Putin’s Puppet in the White House. You just keep giving Putin what he wants daily. Alienate Allies, Pull us from The Paris Environmental Accord, Alienate NATO, and the United Nations and isolate us from the world as much as possible. Anyone else notices a pattern here of just what Putin wants for America, us to withdraw from the world stage and let him have his way?

I am hoping Mueller compiles his Investigation and Reports to Congress soon, and the American Public gets the full story before the mid-term elections of 2018. Americans need to wake up very soon and realize what you are doing for Putin and Russia and why they are so happy in Russia.

Sexcapades, paying off two women to make sure they stay quiet so you can win the presidency wasn’t bad enough, it totaled 280 grand between them. Sixteen women with accusations of you sexually abusing and harassing them sad. And You base seems to be idiotic enough to ignore it all.

Once Mueller lets his report out to Congress and the American people you know your finished Donald Trump, don’t you? He is proving Collusion, Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Presidential Powers, and you know and fear it all. You’re like a trapped child trying to hide from it all and avoid and distract from it all, but you are failing, and failing badly too.

Now the Cohen Tapes are hitting the airwaves of television and you can’t hide from them. More tapes will be coming for we are already told there are a total of twelve by newscast. The more that comes out the plainer it will be to the American Public of how much you have lied to us all. The deeper the hole you find yourself in, and in the end the less you are believed the fewer people will listen to your bullshit. Sadly, it is indeed the truth.

I remind all don’t forget the twelve indicted Russians, Manafort, Gates, Popodoulis, Flynn, and others already indicted and convicted too. You’re a totally illegitimate President, you stole the election using Russian Money, Russian backing and you’re a Putin Puppet!





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