Trump’s Three-Step Protection

Trump has a policy running that is his way of protecting himself he thinks from the Mueller Investigation of Russian Collusion and Obstruction. It’s first to Deny, everything, I didn’t do it, I know nothing about it, I never heard of it.

Deflect it off on someone else, deflecting it lets him put blame on anyone else but himself, it’s like when you were a kid, I didn’t do it my siblings did, Mom and Dad.

Then when something finally sticks to him like all the affairs he has had and payoffs, he goes quiet and then says, so what?  He then distracts from it all by blaming the press, and the women he harassed and had affairs with, or refuses to talk about them at all.

Trump’s whole defense in all matters Russian, whether collusion, obstruction, or in matters of affairs is the above three-step procedure, it’s how he handles anything he doesn’t like. First, he denies it all, then he tries to deflect it all to someone else, then when those fail yes, the third step comes into play, he distracts by pointing at other flaws or problems, and hopes you will forget what he has done, sad really for a so-called full-grown man who is President isn’t it? This is not what an innocent man does folks it’s sad really.

November is coming fast America, the mid-term elections will be upon us, let the Republicans and Trump hear your voices loud and clear at the Polls, Vote Democratic and remove Republicans who back Trump and those who won’t react or do anything about his stupidity, his arrogance, and destructive path and the damage he is causing America at home and abroad.

The mid-term election is our way of telling Trump and his Republican cohorts, you’re done, VOTE DEMOCRATIC, MAKE THE BLUE WAVE HAPPEN!


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