Vote Democratic in November, and Stop Putin’s Puppet!

Trump is destroying America from within for Putin and the Russians!  He is destroying the American Economy by the tariffs he has put in place, layoffs are coming folks.

He has destroyed America’s position as the world leader in so many ways, we are now scorned at by Britain, France, Italy, and our allies. He has pulled us from the Paris Accords. he is attacking wildlife preservation in Alaska and drilling for oil there.

The budget for America doubles each of the next two years driving us deeper in debt each year to well over a trillion in 2019 and two trillion by 2020.

He attacked NATO and wanted to pull us from it too, and he attacked the United Nations also.

He is isolating America from the world and doing exactly what Putin wants him to do to America, stop and think about it folks, this is exactly how Putin would do it!

He and Putin and his Russian cohorts attacked American Democracy in 2016 and he stole the election using Russian rubles and assistance to get the Presidency don’t you see it, folks! He conspired and colluded with Putin and Russia and attacked the election process, he told Putin and Russia, where to run the ads in the election. How else would they even know where the damn blue belt was? You tell me, folks?

Look, I don’t care if you hated Hillary Clinton and thought she was evil and dangerous and all the other shit her enemies talk, in the end you voted in and put in  the White House the worse American President in American History, who knows not a god damn thing, and who is a puppet of Putin.

The honest truth is this, no matter what the Mueller Investigation comes up with as evidence and proof, in this case, the only way we can remove Trump from office will take too long. The best thing to do is elect the Democrats to the House and Senate and block him from killing America from within!


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