Call your Senators, your Congressmen and women, tell them to make Trump resign!

We have a growing problem in America now and it grows faster and bigger every day, it’s called attacks on reporters, newsman, and women by the American public.

My fellow citizens of America, a free press, asking questions of the President and the current Administration is not  Fake News!. No reporter who asks questions about the Presidency, The President, the workings and plans of the Administration in power or the Congress or either political power is wrong, they are right! They have the right to ask questions, and freedom of speech is primary in all they do.  Stop, attacking reporters folks, no matter the Network they represent, they do their jobs for all of us, without them, things called crime, injustice, environmental crisis, world wars, deaths of important people or anything else would never be known to you or me.

I have now seen Reporters like Jim Acosta, April Ryan and others attacked publically and on television and people screaming them down and trying to prevent them from doing their job of asking questions, it’s wrong!  If the person they are directing their questions at doesn’t like the questions don’t answer them, but don’t be a communistic bastard and call it Fake News. Stalin and Russia did this shit to reporters, Germany and Hitler too and Mussolini, it has never taken place in American history until Donald J. Trump started it. STOP IT NOW, there is no such thing as Fake News coming from the major News Networks and their reporters they are telling you facts!

CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, are all respectful News Outlets and so are the major Newspapers in America on the east and west coasts. For a President of the United States to stand up and call the News Agency Fake News is sad, wrong and mean and if reporters just doing their jobs, get hurt or killed because of it, Trump will be responsible for their deaths, and it will weigh heavily on the American People for sure for a long time to come.

I am not a reporter for anyone, I am a private citizen who writes a blog, posts on twitter and facebook and other sites my opinions period or thoughts on happenings and people in the world who count, or are supposed to. I do not agree with mobs attacking reporters, screaming them down, chanting against them or attacking them in any way, matter or means. They are hired to ask the questions the American Public want to be answered, of the individuals who are involved in the items they report on. They didn’t create the Russia Investigation, they didn’t break the laws, that govern campaigns and the money involved in them, they didn’t contact Russia and ask for help to win the Presidency, Trump and his people did. Face facts folks, Trump used Russian Rubles and Russian people to win the election of 2016 and to beat a woman candidate. He won by a slim margin for a national election and in the end, is an illegitimate  President and he knows he is and it is about to be revealed for all to see. So his shouts of Fake News, Witch Hunts are all bullshit folks, an innocent man would sit and ignore and let it all go on and be sure it will never get to him, or near him. Instead, we have a man in the Presidency, bobbing, weaving, ducking, avoiding, deflecting, denying, and distracting from the facts, which are now closing in on his front doorstep.

Ever notice lately how there are no Press briefings from the White House anymore? The Answer to that one is simple folks, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and her team, can’t keep America Informed of what is happening in the White House, because they can’t answer all the questions on money payments, Russia Collusion, Obstruction of Justice and the sex scandals and payoffs to women, right prior to the Election in 2016.

Never in America History has an American President been accused of inappropriate behavior, sexual and harassment by 16 women and then had to pay off two to keep them quiet prior to an election. Never has there ever been questions caused to be raised by an American President and his family, having been involved with an enemy our country, to win an election and get the Presidency. Yet here we sit!

If as Trump says there is no collusion with Russia, then I will tell you this,  is then a conspiracy against the American people for him to have been financed and bought and paid for by Putin and Russia and he should be removed from office.!

Call your Senators, your Congressmen and women, tell them to make Trump resign as they did Richard Nixon, start Impeachment Articles and bring pressure and stop all he is requesting to do now. For he is doing all Putin and Russia wants him to do, destroy America from within, both domestically and worldwide. Stop him now, before he takes us beyond repair, into despair.



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