Donald John Trump, you are nothing more than Putin’s Puppet!

I know no matter what Trump’s  Lawyers will tell him, he will do as he pleases because he believes he is smarter than anyone else, so he wants to do an interview or session with Mueller, for Obstruction. Is he stupid, and does he really believe Mueller will not push him to answer far more questions than he wants to?

Actually, I hope he does go talk to Mueller and his team, it will speed up the process of Mueller completing his investigation and handing his report over to Congress. Trump may be able to publically play his defense of denying, distract and deflect, but in a serious legal interview under oath, he will lie and perjure himself no doubt about it in my mind. So, go ahead Donald sit down with Mueller and his team and answer questions about Obstruction of Justice, or even collusion, I hope you do because when you do, you will see Justice reach for you and grab you and pull you from office.

You can’t run from facts already admitted, like, the letter on the plane, The 13 Russians indicted, Manafort on trial, Gates cooperating, Popodouplis cooperating, Flynn Cooperating, and sooner or later they will come for Roger stone and Donald Trump Jr. too. DOnald Trump Jr. lied to Congress about the letter on the plane, he lied about telling you about the Trump Tower Meeting and they are about to snatch his ass up in this whole investigation. They will get to Roger Stone also I am sure.

Donald J. Trump, you may be President for now, but soon enough time will fly by and you won’t get reelected in 2020. Now here is something you’re not thinking about Mr. President, you are eligible for prosecution and conviction once you leave office. So, when you do leave, you will be pursued, prosecuted and hounded till you die, with legal issues and charges. No one can or will keep you, Don Jr. or anyone else from jail, so if I were you I would follow the others and make a deal.

Go ahead and sit down with Mueller and the best prosecutors in the land, they will get you for Obstruction, conspiring against America (collusion), laundering money, working with the Russians to win the White House, I have great faith in the Justice System and Mueller. I want to sit here as do many millions of other Americans and watch you leave the White House in disgrace, dishonor and be isolated just like Nixon until the end comes for you. You are the worst American President in History, isolating America from the world, placing Tariffs on our allies, killing health care for all, holding children hostage, to get money to build a wall we don’t need,  dividing families, lying to the American People on the average of 7.6 lies per day, and you want to sit down with Mueller? I hope you do, and he takes all your statements verbally or in writing, cause he will use them to remove you, yes evict you from the White House!

If you think you’re smarter than Mueller and his team of Prosecutors and can beat the investigation than bring it on! Do you really think, this investigation is a Witch Hunt, I don’t, and I will tell you something, the Prosecutor, Robert Mueller doesn’t think it is either, nor does any Judge in the land or reporter or American, it’s knocking on your door Donald J. Trump, and when you answer it, you will never get away with anything.

Russia bought you the White House, Putin did, he wanted you in there, he knew Hillary was too strong and smart for his ass and had his number and you are too stupid, gullible, ignorant and greedy. He also knew he could make you do what he wanted, isolate America, destroy its status in the world,  pull it down economically and politically in all ways from within and you are Putin’s Puppet.  Yes, you heard me, Donald John Trump, you are nothing more than Putin’s Puppet and doing his bidding to destroy America and to pull us down from the inside. Go ahead, see if you’re smart enough to beat the whole Russia Investigation, I want to see you go down.


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