It’s Time, Impeach now, Publically!

Never has such corrupt and illegal acts, taken place like those have now happened in Trump’s Campaign and his Presidency.

He has broken Campaign Finance Laws which is a  felony, paid off two women prior to the election to do so and keep his affairs from the American Public.

He has lied to the American People daily each day in office. He has dumped and had quit more cabinet members than any American President in History. He has more convicted felons from his campaign and administration than anyone in American Presidential History.

The conviction of Manafort on all 8 counts and the Plea Deal of Cohen his personal Attorney, brings to a head the corruption and illegal acts done and committed by Trump, for all to see clearly.

Today after the conviction of Manafort and the Plea Deal of Cohen, Trump goes on Twitter and makes dumb comments about both cases publically.

My response to those two comments that I read on Twitter are as follows: 1_ Manafort is a brave man, and he is being mistreated, wrong Manafort is a  criminal who illegally refused to pay his taxes, hid money from the government and committed numerous crimes. He is not being mistreated nor is he brave Trump, this man is a fool who believes you will pardon him, so he took the fall for you. If you do pardon him you can bet your ass Trump, Congress will come for you.

2) Cohen was you, personal Attorney and cohort and friend for many years. You directed and ordered him to pay off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal and it is recorded for all to hear. Mr. Cohen, made the plea deal to save himself from spending many more years in jail for your actions of directing him. Then, you are dumb enough to come online and say, Don’t hire Micheal Cohen as your Attorney! Are you really that stupid Trump, not to know that as soon as he pleaded guilty to the crimes he did, his license was revoked!  he is no longer a Lawyer, Trump due to you!

I hope those in the White House working for you realize how they are making false statements and lying to the American People at your behest and can be charged for it, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be one of the first.  Sadly, they blindly follow you out of loyalty, when they should run as fast and far as they can.

Congress must react now to these crimes and the facts if they don’t well November is coming they will be going home for sure. Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell should now come forward and begin an openly public, Impeachment Process for all to see because your Crimes and Misdemeanors surpass Nixon’s. It is time, if not Americans should go to Washington and do a sit down on the stairs of the House and Senate and protest loud and clear for the world to hear!






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