Impeach Donald John Trump now, do we really need an implicated criminal running America?

August 23rd, 2018, President Trump shouts denials all over the place and denies Collusion and Obstruction of Justice by himself. He protests far too much, for anyone to consider him being honest about anything. If he were honest he would shut up and just carry on with his business and ignore the news reports. Instead, he is constantly talking and saying I didn’t do it, there is no collusion or obstruction of justice, why because he did it all!

Listen America, listen carefully, Donald J. Trump has been lying all his life and the more he repeats his lies the more he believes himself, it is what liars do. It’s a pathological fact, in life.  he has a problem he first denies it, then deflects it, then distracts from it and lies about it and when he is faced with the facts and actual proof he sits back and decides I will give them a different story and make it stick by repeating it. If I repeat it enough to them and myself they will believe it all!

Sadly, his bling, loyalist followers, who voted him in office are not smart enough to realize what he is doing and saying and telling America about them. he is saying to all of you Trump Followers and Supporters ad loyalist, he can kill a man in the streets of New York as President and you all will still vote for him! DO you understand what he is saying is not only illogical and demeaning and disrespectful to his followers and supporters but also an outright insult to all of you. Sadly, I guess it hasn’t hit you yet has it?

Now he is proclaiming his greatness and that no one should vote to impeach him because it will mean the stock markets will plummet without him? Come on, you can’t buy his bullshit line, that’s for sure.

His personal Attorney just Pled Guilty to 8 counts and implicated him, Trump in crimes to circumvent and fool the American People into voting him into office. Then he turns around and puts out tweets on Twitter saying, If you need an Attorney don’t hire Michael Cohen!. He does know, does he not that once Cohen pled guilty to felonies his licenses as an Attorney is revoked he is a convicted felon!

Then he says to all of America by way of Twitter, and tweets again, If you want a discreet relationship, don’t date or hire Stormy Daniels! This is a laugh to me, he dates a porn star and then pays her off to not speak, and demands she be quiet when she does, and even sues her, but then admits openly he had the affair and paid her not to speak! After denying it all, after taped recordings of him telling Cohen how to pay off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal right on the tape. Sad indeed, how much more lying and cheating and breaking the law can America allow him?

A little information for all to consider as this goes forward let’s define what collusion really is for you all. Collusion is really Conspiracy to circumvent the United States Election Process by way of using a foreign power, like Russia to pay for votes, ads or the changing of votes. Otherwise, Collusion is, in fact, conspiring against not only the American Government but against the American People and the Constitution of The United States of America with our greatest Enemy Russia!.

Obstruction of Justice is easier for Americans to understand because it means blocking or distracting, someone from investigating crimes against Trump period. He did so in Firing Sally Yates, he did so in Firing James Comey, he did so in attempting to fire Rosenstein and others who are investigating his involvement with Russia and Putin. He asked Comey to take it easy on Michael Flynn, come on its Obstruction folks and you know it. He threatens Jeff Sessions with firing almost daily and complains Sessions should not have recused himself from the Russia Investigation. Sad!

In the end, this is an illegitimate President, who stole the election using Russian money, Russian help and Putin’s backing. He didn’t win by the popular vote because he is a creep to women also. Hillary won the popular vote by millions of voters, folks not this guy. Russia influenced the election and the electoral votes using rubles and ads paid for by them aimed at the Blue Belt States. Sadly, it worked and now they are hacking the 2018 election also and will probably continue to hack our elections in the future, why not right, why not?

Congress, Leader McConnell of the Senate, Speaker Ryan of the House, I remind you even when you leave office, this episode and Presidency and your failure, to act upon the crimes and acts of President Donald Trump, and to start Impeachment Proceedings, will stick to your reputations for the rest of your lives wherever you go.

Impeach Donald John Trump now, do we really need an implicated criminal running America? Do you think to have an Implicated Criminal as a President is good for America and how other countries view us worldwide? I don’t’ I think you need to act now, America is losing its leadership position worldwide and Trump is why!








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