Vote all Democratic come November 6, 2018,

My biggest laughs and smiles and more, come at the expense of these die-hard Trump Supporters out there! They come online and dispute facts of what Trump has done and people Trump thought supported him, are now accepting Plea Deals and Immunity Deals from Prosecutors left and right.

It is sad to see an American President so incompetent , he fails at all he touches and wrecks anything his predecessor got done right. Trump is like a sad little bully in a school yard in elementary school, he attacks anyone who has something bad about him. Kids do that shit folks now grown adults.

As the criminal investigation now start to surround Trump’s Business’s in New York, and the Russia Investigation closes in from Mueller all Trump can do is lash out verbally to distract, deceive, deflect, and avoid the best he can. The walls are closing in on him and he knows it too.

He stole the 2016 election, using RUssian Rubles and ads and cyber attacks by Russians against a woman candidate, hard to believe but that’s what he resorted to to win. The numbers of the election results of 216 prove it too, he lost the popular vote by millions to Hillary, Trump is an illegitimate President, period.

I have watched CNN and other news stations constantly, I like doing so to keep up with events as they occur and find it interesting in many ways. As each incident occurs, I watch in amazement Trumps reaction to each one of them. This man is unfit and unstable and should be removed from office and if Congress doesn’t impeach him, they will pay for it at the polls come november and many will go home, jobless.

It’s like watching the downfall of a Mafia Boss, by his underlings. His Lawyer turns on him and implicates him in crimes. Then his Chief Financial Officer, of his personal business turns on him and now his so called friend and publicist of the Nation Enquirer turns on him!  IT’s sad indeed and it will continue for sure, unless he resigns or leaves office. Next I can see what is coming as more Trump employees, start to give and buckle under the pressure. The sad thing is Trump knows it is coming now.

He had no business firing Sally Yates or James Comey, big mistakes. Flynn went down too, now more is coming I am sure. Roger Stone will fall too soon enough he has to, because the pressure and digging will not stop until they get him for his actions during the election of 2016. Roger Stone is not a major stepping stone so to say, because they already know he was the man in touch with Assange and Russia.

Donald Trump Jr. is  next I would guess, they have to nail the kid of Trump. Don JR. met with the russians in Trump Tower and then went before congress and lied his ass off with a straight face. The meeting was about adoption right, my father didn’t know about it right, wrong in both cases and that is enough right there for perjury charges and more against him.

Trump is dumb and doesn’t see it all coming or he is an idiot take your choice. Before it is over, Donald Trump will have served up his children as desert to authorities. They are going to get them all Donald, because instead of being a man and an adult and father, you are being selfish and hiding and letting everyone else around you fall and go to jail, your children will be next. Now they are into Trump Organization records including your taxes Donald Trump and what bones and skeletons are hiding in there?

Wieselberg has no choice but to give Prosecutors what they want, he is now a man granted Immunity and to save his own ass he will give yours up. He has the Financial Keys and Information to all in Trump world and it will all come out as they squeeze him.It will be interesting to see, how much criminal activity comes falling out now.

David Pecker is interesting too, a man who knew about all the payments you made to women and hid it and then used his publication to help you. They now have him too and he will give all he can to stay out of prison I am sure. What treats were hidden in that safe Donald, I am sure we will find out soon enough.

As the walls close in DOnald Trump, what will you be doing next, and how will you react,should be  in Congresses thoughts now. They will have to react soon enough I am sure, as the noose gets tighter around your neck.

What Donald J. Trump has done to America sucks, and he failed at attempts with North Korea and he fails at all he touches. Sadly, he is too childish and idiotic to figure out he is done and will never get re-elected! In the end millions upon millions of Americans will suffer for him stealing the 2016 election as healthcare goes down the tubes, and he attacks medicare and medicaid and social security too.

He tried to blackmail Congress into getting funding for his Border Wall and failed there too. He doesn’t know how to write a bill, a law, or run a country, Impeach Donald J. Trump, if  we can’t Impeach him, vote all Democratic come November 6, 2018, stop the Trump bullshit train now!




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