Trump needs to Resign or Be Impeached!

Everytime something comes out about Donald J. Trump and its bad, he deflects it like it is nothing, denies it and then distracts from it! Sadly, he is continues to keep going this way!

This is about one thing, that I wish to discuss here, why does Donald J. Trump hate Hillary Rodham Clinton so much?

I have no idea why at this point but I do know, every chance he gets he goes after Hillary Clinton, pointing to emails or other things she supposedly did! Why?

Does Donald Trump think by pointing fingers at Hillary Clinton and old shit thats now long gone, he can avoid what is happening to him today?

Look folks, HIllary Clinton lost the Presidential Race in 2016, and she knew she was cheated out of it by Russian Involvement and all of us did too, yet she stepped aside and said no more since the election is over. She hasn’t come out publicly and attacked Donald Trump in anyway, nor does she come out crying about accusations he makes about her, she stays silent and does her own thing. So, why does he keep attacking Hillary?

Here is a fact for all to see, Hillary beat Trump by millions of votes in the popular vote, she slaughtered him. He used russian rubles and ads to beat Hillary in the Electoral Vote only. Yet, in case you didn’t notice Hillary did not contest the results, nor did she cry over them, she picked herself up and walked away to private life once more. So what is wrong with Donald Trump, why is he chasing her down, and trying get he arrested or locked up or whatever he is doing?

Personal Vendettas by an american President is a sad thing to watch. Trump goes after Hillary whenever his own ass is in hot water, period, she is his whipping post, in public to distract from the shit he does and has done only. He needs to stop and if I were Hillary I would sue his ass for defamation of character!

I understand why he attacks Obama though, he does so because Obama made him look like a fool in public during that dinner. He was red faced, and stoic then when Obama buste dhis ass and he never forgave Obama and never will. Trump is like a child in these regards, he hurt me so I hate him forever. Sad!

Donald Trump built his own mess that is about to fall on his head, by hiding his tax returns, but Obstructing Justice and yes he colluded with Russia to win the White House in 2016, the true meaning of collusion folks is conspiracy. He conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election and he is still Putin’s puppet today! I remind all, conspiring witha foreign power, especially an enemy is a traitorous act against the United States and can be punishable by hanging or lifetime imprisonment!

For all you Trump supporters out there, I remind you, Trump is the President, he is the one breaking laws and working in conjunction with Putin and Russia not Hillary! Trump needs to Resign or Be Impeached!




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