68 days to Mid-Term Elections

A battle is about to begin. it is August thirty-first ladies and gentlemen of America, and on November 6th, 2018, the mid-term election will hit and we will go to the polls to determine the countries future and the Congress’s too as well as Trump’s.

Trump believes he has the backing of enough American people to keep his Presidency going till 2020 and maybe for a second term, I don’t believe he is right. His actions and lack of action as President and his failures are catching up to him, as are his lack of morals and ethics and his inability to perform as a President should. He is embarrassing America all over the world with his stupid ideas and his blackmailing of Congress to try to get his wall on the Mexican Border. He embarrassed himself by going to Singapore and meeting Kim Jung Un too, he failed to get the job done and many told him he would. Kim Jung Un got his seat on the world stage thanks to Trump and Trump and America got nothing. It’s a sad, sad thing to watch a President fail at so many things he touches.

Legally he will lose if Impeached Period. No way he can beat the evidence against him for collusion with Russia! Which under our constitution and laws will be conspiring with a foreign country and government against America and the American People to control and alter an election for President of the United States. Which ultimately adds up to him selling America out to Putin and the Russians, to get the Presidency and it is what he did. I know some will say prove it and I believe Mueller will do so shortly. Trace the money is all that is needed, the money that placed the key ads in the Blue Belt Area of the Democrats. Russia would never know where that blue belt was if Trump and his people did not tell Russia where to place those ads, using Russian rubles converted to American dollars. Sadly it is a plain fact that can be traced, even if the money was laundered thru foreign banks overseas.

Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress about the Trump Tower Meeting, he told Congress it was about adoptions. He told America and Congress his father knew nothing of the meeting, that’s bullshit too, check the phone records of Donald Trump and his son on the day in question, and you will find the blocked number phone calls before and after the meeting. DOnald Trump Jr. would never have met with Russians in Trump Tower without his father’s permission or knowledge. And he did get permission to do so from his father who was two floors above on the day of the meeting. The records will show it, once Mueller is done I am sure.

Obstruction of Justice by Donald Trump started the day he raised his hand to swear the oath of office and hasn’t stopped since. He can’t uphold his oath of office and never has, he lied to the American People about the size of his crowd at his own Inauguration.  He then fired first Sally Yates for no legal reason and then Jame Comey for no real reason other than their investigating Russia’s involvement in his campaign. He asked James Comey to take it easy on Michael Flynn, that was stupid in all ways and will come back to bite him. Shall we go on further, I think I have no reason to compile the rest, for it is now all publicly known to most Americans who pay any attention. Sadly this is what happens when American’s elect and put into office a billionaire baby, who dodged the draft four times for bone spurs, got handed his fortune from daddy and has no idea how to behave as a President and can’t keep his hands off of women, who he is not married to. Stormy Daniels got 130 grand to keep quiet about their 3-minute affair, Karen McDougal got 150 grand for her three or four-month affair with him as Melania sat pregnant with their son, waiting to give birth. That’s a total of 280,000 dollars he paid out to keep two women silent so he would not be revealed to the public. Sad!

Now we have Paul Manafort found guilty on 8 of 18 charges, and another Manafort trial coming up in another state and the 10 charges that were declared a mistrial, they are looking to retry again. Manford will not see freedom again in his lifetime more than likely, he is too old for this. Why just so Donald Trump can be President? In the end, if Paul Manafort thinks he will be Pardoned by Trump, it probably never happen, cause once Trump tries to do so Congress will start Impeachment Proceedings. So Paul Manafort will stay in prison.

Then we have Bill Gates, Michael Flynn, Popodupilis, Cohen all pleading guilty, to crimes to do with the 2016 Presidential Election.    Sad huh, count the heads folks, the people going to prison or indicted and jailed or about to be jailed so Trump can stay President. His Trump Organization Cheif Financial Officer has taken Immunity and a second trump Company Person is looking for immunity too. Is this normal for a President, no it isn’t!

Whats coming does not matter anymore, for no Lawyer Trump can hire as a personal attorney, or have a Presidential Attorney in the White House will be able to stop the coming avalanche, of charges against him for Impeachment and each day he sits in front of the American People lying to us all only makes it worse for him. He just isn’t intelligent enough to see it, I guess and neither are his blind, loyalist followers. They sit on television defending him and ultimately end up like Paris Dennard did on CNN, exposed for something they did and banned from television. It’s sad, everyone who blindly followers him goes down in one way or another.

I have a few suggestions here, 1) Melania trump, you have been cheated on, and embarrassed and humiliated publically by Donald Trump, most women would have left him and filed for divorce by now and taken their son with them, why haven’t you?

Second suggestion, Donald Trump you need to Resign the Presidency, leave office and go home, or be forced to resign or be Impeached. You a laughing stock on the world stage and at home your a disgrace to the American People!

You have no manners, no morals or ethics Donald Trump and you don’t care how many people you destroyed to get to the Oval Office, do you? You will care shortly I am sure for the law is coming for Donald Trump Jr. for his lies to Congress, the law will come for Ivanka and Eric too for Trump Organization violations. So here it comes down to a nutshell Donald trump, by the time you either resign or get impeached, you will have dragged your two sons and daughter down with you, disgraced the Trump name and Organization, and had numerous others end up in jail so you could become President and really get nothing done except playing 18 holes of golf whenever you want at the public cost. Sad!. November is coming very quickly!

You can go ahead and fire Jeff Sessions as Attorney General if the Republicans can hold the house and Senate in the Mid-Terms, but if they don’t maintain the hold on Congress, you are screwed and I don’t think they will. And even if they do hold it and you fire Sessions and try to shut down the Mueller Probe into Russia’s involvement, you will more than likely light an Impeachment Fire under your own ass! One way or another Donald Trump you will go down in history as a failure as a President, as being the most corrupt President in American History, even worse than Nixon. So, in the end, you may be better off leaving early while you can and save your children from arrest and convictions in the future.

68 days from now the American People will tell you just how corrupt you are when the Democrats take the House and Senate back and proceedings begin on you!


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