Putin’s Puppet, Donald J. Trump!!

Putin’s Puppet, Donald J. Trump attacks the media just as Putin does, isn’t that funny!   He attacks the news stations that disagree with him and tell the truth of his lies and prove him lying, now he wants to attack the Internet and sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter saying they don’t report his speeches to Congress. Oh, they do Trump they do, you should wish they didn’t but they do, they report on them and tell the American People of the lies your telling, no wonder you want them to shut down! Last I looked though, the First Amendment to the Constitution still stands and it is for Freedom of speech. All Americans have a right to free speech, whether you like what they say or don’t. So, if you can keep spouting lies, regarding your Obstruction of Justice and Colluding with Russia, reporters and the media and myself as a blogger have a right to battle those lies, expose them and show the world and all America how you lie and how unstable and undeserving you are of the Presidency you stole from the popular voters of America!

The Mid-Term Election is heading our way folks, we have now 65 days as of today, to fix what was broken by Putin and Russia when Trump was elected. To do so we need to Vote For Democrats and vote out the Republican Supporters of Trump and his Russia platform. Putin’s Puppet Trump will collapse once the Democrats own or take over the Senate or House, and stop his agenda and then they will start Impeachment Proceedings, why because the proof is enormous!. This man, Trump is evil and worthless and if you want proof of it just look at how many have gone to jail for his campaign for President so far. The numbers are staggering and he continues to have people testify and cooperate with prosecutors in New York and  Washington, and Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation too.

Now instead of fighting Mueller’s Investigation, he attacks the media for lying about him, his lawyers are trying to build a case against the Mueller Russia Investigation. Sadly, no matter what they try to do, they know, they have no idea how much Mueller and his team really have on Trump and his people, so they can only build a facade of a defense. Besides, you can’t fight facts and when they do more gets exposed to the American People and it just is growing so fast and big it will explode all over the country, all against Trump.

I will say here one more time, Donald John Trump Needs To be Removed from Office! The evidence builds and builds daily as people ask for Immunity, and go to jail convicted of charges. The names and list, is getting longer and soon will get closer to Trump. Let’s review it some here. Michael Flynn, George Popudoulis, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, for starters all now convicted felons, due to Trump. And I am sure more to come pretty soon, will include, Donald Trump Jr., Roger Stone, Ivanka and her Husband Jared Kushner, why because of what they all did in talking to Russians during his election campaign for President.

What is sad is this and I will say this as straightforward and honest as an American Citizen with a brain and an education can, Donald John Trump is a narcissist, and he has no care or feelings for anyone and he is racist, bias and deplorable. He is running a Russian Platform and doing Putin’s bidding for him. He is isolating America from the world, he is wrecking it from inside not outside just as planned by Putin. Putin is winning folks, we Americans are losing, it’s time to fight back and Impeach and Remove Donald John Trump From Office!.

Write your Senator, Write your Representative, tell them it is time to act now, fight back, before Trump can shut down the Media and News Stations and Google and Facebook and Twitter, fight back now!  We need newsmen and women and we need television and internet news to keep us informed, Trump cannot and should not be allowed to take away our First Amendment Rights!

One Last addition here folks, as hundreds of American Children have been killed in schools by gun violence and mental illness, Trump does not react. He said we will fight the gun lobby and the NRA and remove bump stocks from the streets he didn’t. He promised stricter gun laws he didn’t do them, the NRA walked up to him and told him, we won’t support your reelection and we will withdraw all our money if you change the laws. The next day after his meeting with the NRA, he stopped chatting about gun control and that was it. Trump doesn’t care about your children, or that military type weapons are still on the streets, he looks in the mirror and only cares about Donald John Trump. He doesn’t even care about his wife, he cheats on her left and right and then, smears it in front of her face. That’s sad!  Melania Trump should pack herself up and her son Baron, and move back to New York, and get a divorce!  Melania aren’t you embarrassed and humiliated enough yet?



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