Art/ Mechanical/Technical, Mathematical, Whatever you love, use it!

Years ago as a child I discovered a simple way to draw cartoons. Many believe a cartoon artist, has a tough time drawing and creating strips. Some do others don’t, it’s a matter of creating characters that look and can be drawn to look like you want. Also, the act of cartooning characters is a special thing in a way.

I spent some time taking numbers and letters and combining them in ways that would create faces and stick figures too. Then drawing the bodies around the stick figures, to make it all work.

Many wondered what I meant when I said, use letters and numbers to create faces, many faces come in certain shapes, that look like numbers or letters. Mickey Mouse and Minnie are circles combined, Beetle Baliey is a circle and dots combined. Many cartoon characters were created as a joke or a doodle by someone.

Once you can combine letters and numbers and create a face, you can add shadows and colors, later. The point in all I am saying is this folk, if a person has any talent at drawing things it is a matter of perception, what you perceive or think of that may work to your advantage and to the pleasure of the reader or viewer. Perception plays a vital part, in what you draw and show to others or try to sell, if it doesn’t look like what you are supposed to be drawing, don’t show it.  Not all will get the idea of how to properly draw using letters and numbers just some may.

I learned after I played with letters and numbers to draw and shade better studying cartoons in Sunday Papers and then comic books. Believe it or not, comic book artists are gifted with what they do, you want to see what I am talking pick up The X-Men Comic, or Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, or any comic book with a serious tone to it. Marvel and DC Comics have some of the greatest cartoon artists in the world and they know how to shade, colour and more, they actually use inks.  The point is not what they know, or can do each one independently, it how they do it that counts.

As a child, I was a loner, I would spend hours, days, even months buried in a comic book collection of a friend of mine. Hours my mind would imagine and dream of places to go, people to see if being a special hero in one way or another and in my mind, I tried to imagine what it would be like to see these people in reality or on paper. here is the point I am making, we all have talents we are handed down from our parents or ancestors, some have artistic talents, some mechanical, some painting, some mathematical or others. The point is this some even love writing and end up doing it in a big way for big money in the future. Freedom is held by the artist, the writers, the actors because they develop a talent at what they do by practising always. Repetition is a way of learning folks, believe it or not!

Each individual has a built-in talent of some kind if they can find it or feel it. Usually, you can think back on your family history to find it, examine those who came before you.  If you like me you may find more than one hidden talent in your family history. I found mechanical talents from my father, and his family also carried the artistic talent too for his sister painted in watercolors.  As to writing as a talent, you can write short stories or poems at first and slowly build to larger ones and even novels if you try. The best way to write is to write about what you have lived in your life, or stories of another in your life. I wrote about my childhood many times and took stories from t to create love stories too.

The point here is if you stop and think creative processes can grow from you! People learn also over time they may carry a gene for helping other people and go into counselling, or child care or health care, the point is to find your niche and use it to the best of your ability. Nurture it, grow it, use it, until you are the best you can be at it.  In the end, you will find by doing what feels natural to you whether it is singing, music, ar of one kind or another or something mechanical, you will make yourself happier, fulfilled and most likely special to at least some, close to you, or more. Release your inner talent, let it flow, whether it is art, technical, mathematics. music, or something else. the more you use what you do best, the better it will get and the happier you will be in life.

I used to sit down as a teenager with younger kids than I, and take a pencil and paper and show them how to draw using the numbers and letters system and they would be smiling and then trying to do it themselves, They would then doodle and draw and paint and, colour, and paint and write on their own to please themselves. Before they would show it to their loved ones, they would make sure it pleased themselves first, then they could take criticism from their loved one and improve as they went along.

So, as you grow, remember what you loved as a child, the art, the technical, the mechanics, the music, the songs, the poems the books. Remember what I am saying folks because it is true if you nurture it and let it grow and stick with it, when your an adult, you can still do what made you happy as a child, to make you a fuller and better person as an adult!






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