Where are the Books and Stores Going?

Is it me or Americans becoming lazy, the store that are brick and mortar are going under, Sears, MacyS, JC Penny, and KMart too. You drive the streets and stores are shutting down left and right, and Malls are emptying out.

Why, if Trump’s so called economy is in such a boom, right? Why are brick and mortar stores going out of business? The same reason why Book Stores are too, people are too lazy to go to them and actually shop, they don’t find it fun anymore. They prefer to sit at home on a computer and buy offline. The Internet is now the biggest shopping device for  the majority of the people in the world. Gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, X-Box, and Nintendo are in all homes, so are cell phones, and yes computers. We are a lazy people now a days, we don’t have our children reading or going outside to play anymore, they all can be found on a gaming console or computer or cell phone or I-Pad, playing or searching for things.

Reading is now a past time people do on web pages on a computer, not in books! Books do not sell like they used to and Authors like myself who aspire to tell their stories don’t get read or have their books bought anymore. Sadly, reading is disappearing from the world’s societies in every country. The Internet is expanding across the world and is wide open for all to use and see. So, when I write my blogs, or poems or books,  they get read by fewer people and all are either watching televisions, playing video games or on the internet in someway. The average household in America has at least one big screen HDTV or Smart TV, a gaming console or two, I-pads and  cell phones and computers. Go into an american Household, doesn’t matter what race, nationality or color the family, and see how many bookcases you find in  them, few have any these days.

It’s sad, story in the world today, that few people read anymore, fewer newspapers get sold daily, books lay in bookstores and don’t get bought, why? Simple, the parents of the current generation don’t make their children read or write, they give them electronic devices and let them hang out on the internet or a gaming console or worse. Why? because the device is a babysitter their children can get lost in, is it really an advance or is it a problem you tell me?

My concern as an Author who writes when he can and as I can, in blogs, poems, and books, I wonder at times why? I will  never understand it myself, but I will continue to write my Blogs—-https://wordpress.com/view/macattack56.wordpress.com

I will continue to write my stories and short books also, because stories must be told by some of us for others to learn from or to be entertained by. Here is my Author’s Page: https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Here is the Link to my Latest Book: An Ordinary Man: Who Tries! –https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H365Q56 An Ordinary Man: Who Tries! by [McCurrach, William]




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