Let Her Speak, Let her have witnesses!

I tire of hearing about the political game Republicans are playing, with the accusations made by Kavanaugh’s accuser. What you are doing Senator Grassley is telling this woman she has no right to be comfortable or to bring witnesses to prove her case and no court of law or even Judge would deny her that much. Fairness, equality are both important in this case, are we to have a man on the Supreme Court who did this to a young girl and may snap and do it again at anytime to another female? Fairness needs to be applied here in this case to Doctor Davis. Also you can’t force a victim to face the abuser in a public room at the same table at the same time.

I also tire of men saying or news agencies saying oh it’s been 36 years, why hasn’t she said anything? Simple answer trauma, makes one depress memories and fear causes victims to not talk, but hide it all. In the end, I saw my ex-wife go through this and it ended my first marriage and almost got me put away for a crime I did not do, a prosecutor saved me from it.

Sexually abused or harassed individuals, run from it all first, they repress the memories and bury them, and the memories do not surface until triggered by a memory or sight seen. yet they will never forget the actions and the person doing them, for the images get burned in their memories. She has lived with the memories and trauma of it for 36 years now and something Kavanagh said, his face, or something else triggered it to come out. She deserves to be heard period, she deserves the right to face her attacker in anyway she can, to relieve her pain and memories so she can carry on in life.

M.s Davis is putting at stake her reputation, her home, her family and her children’s too, by stepping forward, plus so much more. She has everything to lose if she can’t prove what she says, and what would motivate an individual to come out with such an accusation, why would she even bother?

Of course Kavanaugh will agree to be questioned and tell his story no matter what, he is already a Judge, respected and being backed by a President and a Political Party for a Permanent Seat on the Lands Highest Court. He wants it so bad he can smell it ok. So, he will say whatever he can to try to prove her a liar. His problem is simple though if he denies and lies in anyway and it is proven by her, that he did lie, his whole life and career is over. yet, he is so set on getting that seat, he will blindly wander into the hearings and questions and more than likely lie and in the end it won’t come out fast enough to stop his being given the seat. I remind you all, this is a lifetime appointment to a seat on the Supreme Court of The United States and will determine the future of Roe vs Wade, and questions such as does a President have the right to pardon himself, or be indicted for crimes while in office. many other issues are at stake here too, but here is the big one why the Republicans are pushing him. If he isn’t on the court by October 1st, 2018 and the seat is vacant they will have a hell of a time trying to kill Roe vs Wade, women’s rights and other things. They want him on there so they get their conservative court and decisions they want for their republican side, but at what cost to America and women’s rights? You Tell Me!

Ms. Davis deserves to be heard, she deserves to feel safe from her attacker, she deserves to have witnesses, she deserves to take her time and make sure she speaks clearly, honestly and can bring the doctor who treated her. Fundamental rights under the law say it needs to be that way, morally and ethically it needs to be that way too. Maybe, the Republicans fear the truth so much they are being biased and placing too much pressure on Ms. Davis? What do you think, should she have to live with threats should she have to move, lose her job and hide her family? Should she have to have the pressure of being humiliated, embarrassed and pushed by Republicans into the public light and her life destroyed? The women of America should stand tall, and call for the Senate Committee and the Republican Party, to allow her to speak, give her time to put together her witnesses and her case and memories. A Rush to Judgement in this case, can destroy and control the Supreme Court and the United States Legal System for the next 30 to 50 years!

Is Donald Trump so personally invested and so intent on putting this man on the Supreme Court, no matter what his moral, ethical values are, and what crime he may have committed  in his younger days? President Trump needs to tell the FBI check the matter out, lets find the truth now! President Trump has a lack of morals and ethics that is unbelievable , we know he is accused by 16 women of the same things or worse, and paid off two women he had affairs with, but this is more important that his own personal life, this is for the good of the country here! Let Her Be Heard and lets get The Truth!




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