Trump/ Nixon Compare! Kavanaugh say No!

Donald John Trump has many things in common with Richard M. Nixon. The Abuses of the Office of the Presidency are very similar and intriguing to say the least.
Let’s face some facts that Congress which is Republican should now see , clearly and honestly here.
1) Richard Nixon was found guilty on three Articles or Impeachment they are the following: 1) Obstruction of Justice, 2) Abuse of Power, 3) Contempt of Congress
Two additional articles were in process and not used in Nixon’s case, because they were to hard to prove and beyond their reach. They were as follows: Cambodia Bombings and Failure to Pay Taxes.
Now comparing these between Trump and Nixon, the same top three Articles of Impeachment can be used against Trump.
It is already proven by the Mueller Investigation and Members of Congress that Trump 1) Obstructs Justice when ever he gets a chance, and has done so numerous times since elected and taking office.
2) Trump abuses the power of his office every time he steps on his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and messes with Mueller’s Investigation period. There is no denying it.
3) Trump is in full contempt of Congress at all times, ignoring them and doing things his own way and failing to complete and fulfill his Oath of Office.
Now here is the difference between Donald John Trump and Richard Nixon for all to see.
Trump is a narcissist, a liar, a bully, and a racist. He takes from the poor by attacking Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and changing Tax Laws to benefit his rich cronies.
Trump fails at dealing in Diplomacy, and affairs of the State. He is disrespected by many leaders of other nations.
Trump’s financial and economic strategies suck, he is tearing down the economy and taking credit for jobs he never created. he didn’t create jobs or bring any back to America he took credit for someone else
the economy. His Tariffs wars are killing American Businesses and he is in fact making enemies out of our allies with them.
You can claim as many will that Nixon and Trump have more in common than many will realize. Both are power hungry bastards who want only for themselves. Both, fail to answer the American People in anyway and wanted to cover up past crimes they committed and would do anything to stay in Office as President.
The difference is Nixon accomplished so much more than Trump ever will, he would never have worked with Russians to get elected either or colluded in anyway with them and Trump has.
Final word on this comparison for all to hear and see, Richard M.Nixon, had the moral and ethical fiber and brains enough to determine he messed up, went too far and he resigned from office. he thought of the well-being of America and the American people and left office.
Donald John Trump has no moral or ethical or empathic abilities in him. He doesn’t care about the American People, just himself, he is a selfish bastard is all.
You want to improve America, move us forward, away from socialism, and toward a more democratic republic, by and for the people, remove Donald John Trump from Office, Impeach Him. if we don’t, then I fully recommend we vote him out, and all of his supporters starting November 6th, 2018, or face the consequences of not doing so.
One more item to add here, The Kavanaugh Nomination and Confirmation hearings and the lack of the Senate to have any compassion or care for the accuser. My thoughts are simple on the matter and honest. I lived with a woman I married and stayed married to for 12 years who was sexually molested and abused by her father growing up as were her siblings. She bore me two daughters and I feel sorry for her today, for when her repressed memories of what her father did to her surfaced 35 years after they happened, it ruined her life, my life and the lives of my daughters. Repression of sexual abuse is common in all who suffer from it, they bury it and then something triggers it to come to the surface. This happened to my ex-wife and I believe this happened to Ms’ Davis too. The senate and it’s committee must hear her out, they must investigate her story , she is putting her whole life on the line to tell it and losing a lot. kavanaugh of course will deny, deny, deny in front of everyone, he wants the seat on the Supreme Court. In the end, if he did this to her 36 years again as a teenager, and he lies about doing it, as I am sure he is going to, do we want a denier, a liar and a sexual abuser on the Supreme Court? I think not!

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