Trump is bad for America, in all ways!

I look around the cities and towns I live near or in and what do I see? I see brick and mortar stores closing, malls emptying, Sears leaving, Macy’s on the verge of going, JC Penny closing and more. Stores that have been with us forever are disappearing including KMart. Stop and think about it when you walk a mall for exercise of go looking for something the choices are fewer and the empty stores are more. Why if Trump’s Economy is great?
Then we have to look at the manufacturing and how it is disappearing still nowadays, since the 1970’s it has been happening. Where are the jobs going folks, and you tell me if you think Trump’s tariffs help us or not? I think not, it doesn’t pay to be in a tariff war with your allies and friends and neighbors does it? It’s crazy and outlandish that Congress and the Republican Party just goes along with it all and does nothing to stop it!
I want to say one more thing here before I finish, Wharton Business College is not a school to be electing a President from either. That was bad enough to see, but it gets worse when you elect an unethical, immoral,narrist, to the White House, who cares for no one but himself and his rich cronies. Trump is bad for America, in all ways!
I pray that the Democrats take the House and Senate back in November 2018, just so we can balance it out and get back to a decent life in America again, without make/female fighting, racial fights and more. he is a moral less individual, with no ethics, empathy or caring for anything that doesn’t put money in his own pocket, even his tax plan is a rip off of the poor to feed the rich coffers. Sad!

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