A Fair Hearing? Kavanaugh should step aside!

In the past few days and or week or so, other women have come forward about Brett Kavanaugh and his antics, drinking and sexual abuse of women. Others have stepped up and stated he had parties and was present at parties where he set women up for rape. Sad!
Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader has stated on television and in the Senate, they will plow through this and Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court!. Lindsey Graham said he would not derail Kavanaugh’s life over one allegation of sexual abuse at a young age! Then the Republicans want to bring in a Prosecutor to question Blasey Ford, and they call it a fair hearing? That crap!
A fair hearing would include, more witnesses, open statements by all,questions by members of the senate of both parties and both sexes,the Doctor who examined Blasey Ford and can prove it happened, and any new witnesses or victims that come up.
What is taking place here is an outright attempt by the Republican Party to force Kavanaugh on to the Supreme Court, as fast as they can and their ride on the rails to the Supreme Court must be derailed, he doesn’t have the moral, ethical make-up to be a Supreme Court!
The man is a drinker, according to all his high school and college friends. He was a partier, who set females up, at those parties and took advantage of them. You still want him on your Supreme Court folks?
This man will affect women’s rights, by voting to kill Roe vs. Wade as soon as he can, if seated. Women’s rights will be set back a century if he is seated, is that want we want in America?
One last thing to consider here, Kavanaugh, is not even man enough to consider what this public exposure is doing to his own family, his wife and children. Imagine what his wife must be going through having to fight off these allegations or his daughters! You Ask me folks, he is stupid and only cares about himself not even his own family for he puts them at risk, as he tries to get on the Court. I feel sorry for his family, his wife and daughters who must answer questions about their husband or father’s character daily at school or at work or on the streets. Has he no common decency to realize the hurt and pain he is making them suffer through? Sadly, Brett Kavanaugh is not a biog enough man or person, to take into consideration the damage he is doing to his family! He should Step Aside Now! Because once the hearings start, it wil get so much worse on National Television!

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