My Questions for Senators Deciding Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Senators must answer the following questions regarding kavanaugh before they vote on Saturday.
1) Who do they believe more, Kavanaugh or his accusers?
2) Did the FBI do a full investigation and is it credible?
3) Did they lump all the accusations together to make Blasey Ford’s less
4) How much Political Cover do these Senators need to vote the truth?
5) Can Kavanaugh be impartial after his partisan outburst against Democrats
and the Clintons?\
6) Should Trump mocking the victim affect their decision?
7) If they vote no on Kavanaugh will it affect the Republicans in the
8) Is it right for an applicant, to talk to his possible employers the way
Kavanaugh did?
9) Is it right for an applicant to be a Supreme Court Justice to lie to
10) Is it right for an applicant to be so arrogant and obnoxious to Senators?
11) If you don’t believe Blasey Ford, then why is there two more women?
12) Why did Kavanaugh confront Durbin, and Klobchanor and not take a lie
detector test?
13) What about the over 600 legal professionals and their letters saying
don’t confirm?
14) What about his classmates, and their coming forward to say he lied about
his drinking and behavior and they will testify to prove it?
15) Last one, what effect will he have on the decisions concerning Roe vs
Wade, gun controls and Presidential powers of no charging a President?
I will close with this statement, I don’t believe a man who can sit before a
Senate Judiciary Committee should be allowed to lie to the Senators, be
obnoxious and arrogant, and still get a seat for life. Now you can not
believe the three accusers about the sexual assaults if you wish, but you
can’t deny his behavior at the Hearing, his lying at the hearing, or his
attacking Senators and his partisanship views, Does he deserve a lifetime
appointment and can he be unbiased on The Supreme Court?

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