America Wake UP. Wake UP NOW, Vote Democrat and put an end to Putin’s Puppet!

As the election gets closer President Trump is playing the strength card or trying to and demeaning the Democrats in anyway he can. Look, 2016 is two years gone by already, Hillary Clinton is not to blame for any messes currently happening in the world, nor is President Obama, Trump is. Plain and simple folks, Trump started the Tariff Wars, is the one who hurt our farmers and manufacturers with it all no one else.
I tire of hearing how great he is, and how we were going to war with North Korea under Obama, bullshit, if Obama wanted war he would have pulled the trigger or went to Congress to ask to pull the trigger he didn’t.
As To Hillary’s so called crimes, more bullshit, if Hillary was guilty of any crimes what so ever they would have been charged and prosecuted by now against her, they haven’t even come to light or been brought up by anyone in the Justice department. Trump plays distraction folks, whenever he is in trouble or thinks he is in trouble he points fingers at Obama, Or Hillary clinton, instead of standing tall and taking the hit, he is weak. Sadly, his loyal supporters, and blind loyalist will support him no matter what, because they are just that blinded by his bullshit.
I watched his interview with Lesley Stahl last night on 60 Minutes on CBS, and let me tell you something, even Lesley Stahl called him out for distracting from the truth and lying. His special tactic is distract,avoid,and lie outright. He specializes in a program of distraction, avoidance, and blaming others, he has never once in his almost two years in office or before he was elected, stood up and taken responsibility for anything he has done or failed to do. He hides from it all. He failed to answer the call to serve his country not once, not twice, not three times but four times, crying about bone spurs in his feet, yet never once in his medical history or anywhere else is there proof of him having operations to fix the bone spurs. daddy paid well to keep him home and out of the military didn’t he?
He lied on how he made his fortune too, self made man my ass, he was a millionaire at 8 years old, his dad gave him everything he has. Donald John Trump is a liar and phoney in the White House period and in life in general.
Melania Trump his wife stated to the world and press she is the most abused woman in the world, as she put it. I can understand why, she married Donald Trump and if it were not for her having a son with him, this marriage would be over too, the only reason it isn’t is because she likes being First Lady, and her son Baron.
Trump lies about colluding with Russia too, if you want proof just count the number of Russians indicted so far in the Mueller probe and the people now turning and working with Mueller. Trump colluded with the russians I have no doubt he did it through Manafort,Don Jr. and yes Roger Stone. But that’s my opinion and belief folks and he can avoid, distract and lie all he wants, I don’t buy his bullshit!
As we go into the 2018 midterm elections, we need to balance his power and the government badly, he has already corrupted the Supreme court with Kavanaugh, making it a conservative majority. Yet, Chief Justice Roberts didn’t let Kavanaugh slide either did he, he sent the reports of his actions and failures to the Colorado Circuit Court for review didn’t he? I wonder why?
Trump is like a child in too many ways, he is not fit to be President at all, he is being supported by crutches all around him. We all know it too!
As we move into the 2018 election in three weeks now, we need to vote Democrat and make the House and Senate Democrat also. For a President like Trump, running amok in the White House can destroy America! He is tearing at America’s Structure, it’s Constitution and our Bill of Rights all at once. Sadly, we are suffering because, he was elected and it will not get better, it can only get worse with his ideas and ways.
America Wake UP. Wake UP NOW, Vote Democrat and put the end to Putin’s Puppet!

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