Donald John Trump is the most ridiculous President in American History! He is assine and idiotic about too many things, for instance the following:
Elizabeth Warren is a bad Pocahontas !. Pocahontas was not a bad person and if you look in history and at the real life one you would know that.
Here is the Wikipedia page on Pocahontas, the real one read for yourself,
Donald John Trump attacks anyone who he fears may run against him and he doesn’t care what he says to defame them or who he says it about. Pocahontas, helped the settlers in Virginia, and she lived from 1596 to 1617. To defame a woman, who helped the settlers in Virginia establish and live in America is wrong. History is taught in Elementary Schools and Grammar Schools and High Schools in America Trump, maybe you forget who you are trying to defame and let your emotions, greed and anger over being attacked politically cloud your memory or your brain.
Elizabeth Warren you may not like because she stands up to you, she doesn’t take your shit and she is tired of it all. Whether you agree or disagree with her views, her political beliefs of not, there is no right on your part to defame the American Indian Nation or Pocahontas or change the facts, it’s basically defamation of character. Sadly, we watch you and see you clearly on television Trump, you attack, defame and clearly can’t debate the issues or admit your mistakes to anyone. It’s sad!
If people want to laugh at something take a look at your family name, Trump didn’t start as Trump did it Donald, lol! Drumpf is a lil silly for a name before it was changed to Trump isn’t it? Why don’t we discuss your family history also. Like how your father, made you a millionaire by eight years old, or how you dodged the draft five times, (bone spurs). How you dodged and committed fraud on your taxes and won’t release the taxes to the American People!
I am not about to stoop to the low level of attack that you use all the time, the point is this, your attacking Elizabeth Warren and calling her Pocahontas and using it in a defamatory manner is wrong, not only to Senator Warren, or Pocahontas, and The Indian People of America, but it also shows a lack of respect for history and facts. Sadly, you have been doing this all along, ever since you came down the elevator in Trump Tower and declared yourself running for President. Why, the American People who already have problems with discrimination and prejudice and who have seen you now attack mexicans, blacks, and now American Indians in such a way as to set in motion racial divides and division in america, would allow this is crazy. Why do you do this?
Donald John Trump needs to be stopped, he is causing racial divides, he is dividing our allies and hurting the world economy and our own by the tariffs he has put in place. he has caused friction between Mexico and Canada and us. He has angered the European Allies we have and he kisses the ass of Dictators and Vladimir Putin, he is weak and sad. He is nothing more than Putin’s puppet!

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