Trump Lies!What a Sad President indeed!

I am a man, I am 62 years old, and been around the world many times. I don’t care what anyone says, Donald John Trump is a liar and bullshit artist!
No man chasing a woman, and begs to have sex with her and pays her 130 grand to keep her mouth shut and then denies he did it. Then turns around and finally admits to having the affair and paying her off to keep quite, and then calls her horseface! Lol, He is a Joke, Hey Donald, OH, Donald- I love Trump calling Stormy, Horse Face, didn’t stop his tiny from chasing her down and having sex with her did it?
I can’t serve my country I have bone spurs in my feet! You Draft Dodging Coward, what Doctors did daddy pay to keep you safe Donald!
I only got one million from my father and I borrowed it and had to work to make me richer. Lie- you were given 413 million at age 8, and have committed bankruptcy now 6 times.
So Many lies, so much bullshit out of one man, is sick!
Oh just so no one tries to bullshit about me, I served my country for 16 years in three branches, Army, Army National Guard and U.S. Navy. I am a Disabled Veteran. Leave my Social Security alone, leave my medicare alone, leave my Disability payments alone too, you richie rich bitch Trump!
I heard Melania say she was the most abused woman in the world, the most abused, you do love marrying submissive women from other countries you can control don’t you Donald? She should pack up her bags and Baron’s too and go back to Trump Tower and file for divorce from you and take the Tower and kick your ass out too. All these affairs and the money you paid out is sad, wasn’t Melania enough for you asshole?
You committed fraud and your father did too, evading taxes all these years now, and getting rich off the american taxpayer, lets see the tax returns Donald, if you dare!
North Korea laughs at you, Russia laughs at you, The United Nations laughed at you too, your a joke!. You put Tariff’s on our allies and European Allies too. Idiotic asshole, look twice your tariff’s are causing American Companies big problems, look at Ford, they are laying people off to pay for steel to build cars because of you. Idiot!
You can’t keep anything straight, you deny, distract and lie, say one thing one day and the next backtrack and say another, what a sad excuse for a human being you are Herr Drumph! What a Sad President indeed!

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