Boston Fan, and Wife fan too!

OK, I am a Sports fan in many ways, Baseball I am a Big Boston Red Sox Fan and pray they win it all every year. My step-father who is the only dad I ever knew was a Boston Red Sox fan too, I got it from him! We would sit and watch the Red Sox each year as much as we could together and they never won in dad’s life he died in October 1990 or Cancer.
I at least have seen the Red Sox win it all more than once and hope they can do so again this year. I am now 62, and have been a fan since I was old enough to remember.
I am also a fan of The Boston Celtics in Basketball and always have been so was Dad, I got the Boston bug from him of course and i am proud of it whether they win or lose. Doesn’t matter to me, I have only been to Boston’s Fenway Park once, it was in 2013, and I saw them beat the New York Yankees on that day, but only because I had a Lung Cancer Operation on September 4th, 2013 and survived it and my sister and her man had season tickets her man got from a friend. Haven’t been since and can’t afford it these days. Never Been to Boston Garden or the Celtics new home either. Can’t afford it.
The place Dad and I differed was on The National Football League. I choose the Minnesota Vikings as my team as a kid, because of their color purple and their toughness. never been to their games either but I do track their record and pray they can win a Super Bowl in my life, they just get there and lose it, it seems. But again the price of tickets and travel is a killer for any sports fan of any major sports Franchise, and i am Retired, Disabled, and on Social Security and Disability from my military service where I served 16 years.
Having the Sports bug makes it tough on the women in any man’s life and I have compromised and gave up watching all of it on television these days. My wife is also a cancer victim, a breast cancer victim who has evolved from 2006 when it started as breast cancer to today in 2018, where it is now metastatic breast cancer spread to her bones and her tissues. I take her in to Harold Leever Cancer Center, in Waterbury Connecticut three out of four Thursdays a month, and an xgeva shot also. I sit and bullshit with the patients and their relatives or watch the tv there or end up on my cell phone, looking at the internet these days. I am 62, but my wife is now 78 and just had her birthday in September and we had our 18th anniversary also. We met in 1993, and have been together now 25 years. So now a days each day is important to us both and when she does die, we have accomplished a lot together over the years. I owe her and I know it, and I will never be afraid to admit it either.
Today is Thursday again, soon enough we shall shower her and dress her and I will drive and take her in again for chemo and her shot. I will sit and watch her, and keep her company and everybody else there too, as much as I can. Where she goes I go, what she needs I get if I can. I don’t worry about myself at all really, my concern is her period, I am covered by the Veterans Administration when needed for medication for my back, PTSD and anything I need. So I never worry about me, but her i must worry about daily, I have no idea if she will wake up each day or not, I sit and wait for her to do so, and I watch her to see if she is breathing each day to be sure, I check her that way.
Recently we found that at her size, she is 5ft. tall, the recliner was too big for her, so to keep her comfy we got her another smaller one to fit her. I don’t sleep in bed and haven’t in more than two years, I use the couch or the big recliner and she sleeps in her smaller one. I won’t go upstairs and leave her alone to sleep in her chair, I can’t do it, I have to keep her company and watch her. I cook for her and I clean the nest I can, I do all the chores and shopping. I don’t mind because I owe her that much and more, I love her.
We shall see what the future brings for us both, together and God help me when she goes, for I know not what I shall do. I do know that the house is paid off, the cars are paid for and we did the best, we could for our children and for the grandkids too.
I am leaving a Legacy for my Grandkids to see and maybe who knows they will read some of them. I have written and will continue to attempt to write small books as I go along. If Anyone is interested they can find them on Amazon Kindle E-books- here the Link is anyone is interested!

God Bless to All

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