Vote November 6th, 2018, to save The Republic, To Save The Nation as it was put forth by our Forefathers.

Will America repair itself or continue down the Trumpian road to destruction of itself? Will Americans allow Donald J. Trump to charge them for a wall between America and Mexico? Will Mexico pay for such a wall, Mexico says no and I agree they won’t too!
Will Americans allow the Republican Party and Mitch McConnell, to attack and destroy Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security too? He is targeting what is right now the only medical insurance many elderly and ill people have right now. How many Americans will go broke, bankrupt and end up dying if they kill Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security or reduce them? You Tell me America?
Trump wanted Obama Care gone and so did the Republicans and McConnell and Ryan too. They killed it in such a way it has no teeth to help ill, dying or elderly people anymore. How many americans have now seen their medical bills soar through the roof? The cost of medical coverage in America is crazy and going to get worse for all. Prices rise easily in the medical field. A Ambulance ride for a two mile or three mile ride to a Hospital from your home can hit anywhere from 500 to 6,000 dollars a pop! It’s crazy as hell!
Cancer treatments for a cancer patient will take your life over, they will own you, your home and your children and grandchildrens homes too.IT can’t be paid off in one lifetime, I know I am a Lung Cancer Survivor,taking care of a breast cancer patient, who is terminal, she has gone now from breast cancer to bone cancer and is slowly dying on me and no medical team of doctors or chemo specialist or cancer specialist can save her. Yet, they keep raising the prices for all of it and for treating her period.
Shouldn’t all patients and people in America have the right to health care and cancer treatments? Shouldn’t all of us be able to live a little longer if we are sick, to finish off the things we all wanted to do but couldn’t for most of our lives? I know as a cancer patient myself, and a survivor who got lucky it is what I want to do and i am sure so does my wife!
The Republicans want to kill Social Security too, slowly of course, by lowering the payment already going to those of us who earned it already. Listen we paid in and we did so on the basis of having it to fall back on when we needed it, don’t try to steal it back and stop borrowing from the Social Security Funds, it’s not your private loan organization to take from, it’s the people’s who paid into its.
Major Issues are about to hit America in 17 days when November 6th, 2018 arrives and we all get to vote again. Many say this election is a referendum on Trump and his Presidency, I say it is one on the whole Republican Party. Yet, many are being asked to vote like Trump is on the ballot this time, and to keep the Republican Party, snowballing affect of destroying America from within going, I say stop it now, balance the Government now.
Health Care costs rise, jobs go overseas and companies go out of business daily. Tariffs have now hit American Automobile companies and the rising cost of steel will more than likely kill Ford Motor Company. They are laying off Workers now, because they have to counter the cost of the steel to build the cars they do. Sedans are now becoming a thing of the past too, as they faze them out. SUVs and Trucks will be it for Ford now, Chevy barely hangs on to keep running and other American Automobile Companies are on the edge of going out too. Trump says no, but the facts say otherwise.
American farmers are hit by Trump Tariffs now too and it is costing them millions and billions in the Farm industries that kept America going, which means your food prices for produce and dairy products will rise. Can we afford much more of this kind of leadership in the Senate and House and White House anymore?
As we now get closer to the results of The Mueller Investigation and the facts being revealed I remind all of you what is about to come out, will shock all I am sure. I am as sure as knowing the date and time of my own birth, that proof of collusion with Russia will splash across the front page of newspapers and on television news soon. I know Trump did in fact Obstruct Justice and lies daily to the American People and yet, his backers and loyalist followers stand by a man destroying our country on the world stage and making America and himself look like idiots.
Kim Jung Un is laughing at Trump, He failed there and we all know it. Saudi Arabia now is laughing at Trump also as they got away with committing murder on a reporter and they won’t pay any price and we all know it. As Trump and Saudi Arabia, search for an explanation and story to cover it all up, just so Trump won’t lose the arms sale to them. Sad!
Trump went to the United nations and talked about how great his Administration is doing for America and the United Nations representatives just laughed at him. Never in Americas, 247 yea history has the United Nations laughed at an American President they did now! Oh they were laughing with me he says, bullshit!
Do Yourself a Favor if Your an American, COme November 6th, 2018, Vte Democratic, turn the House and The Senate Blue and put checks and balances into place to keep America in place, we don’t need to lose Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, we don’t need anymore Tariffs to kill our industries and we don’t need a wall between us and Mexico, we need a President who can control our borders as so many others have without a wall, for 247 years. If a wall is built between us and Mexico it is a waste of billions of money. Mexican are not stupid folks. they will tunnel under, or go over, they will come around by sea. We can’t stop it with a wall, we can stop it with laws and border patrol agents. A wall is nothing to them, they want in for their own purposes and there is no way we can stop them unless we make it not worth their efforts to come here.
In the end, Trump really is destroying America from within and it is why the Russians and Putin helped him win the Office and Position. He is doing just what Putin wants him to do and he is undermining, and slowly cutting up America and handing it over to Russia one move at a time. Sadly, too many Americans are blind to it all, Wake UP!
November 6th, 2018 will be a day when Americans will have to decide, do we all let The Republicans continue to attack Social Security, medicare and Medicaid, do we let them try to build a wall on our dime,that won’t help in anyway, do we let a President who was laughed at by The United Nations, and North Korea and Saudi Arabia do as he pleases?
We need to control our country and it is not a dictatorship,nor are we an autocratic country or communistic one, lets keep it a Republic, Lets keep it free, Let’s make it what it was built as a Republic run by a Democracy, of We The People!. Vote November 6th, 2018, to save The Republic, To Save The Nation as it was put forth by our forefathers.

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