Vote November 6th, 2018 and I hope we all make the right choices and put a check and balance system back into effect again!

In 15 Days Americans must make some choices at the Polls when they vote. Do you wish to see Social Security get cut, Medicare cut, Medicaid cut? Do you wish to pay for a Wall between us and Mexico or not? Do you want to watch a weak kneed President let Saudi Arabia get away with killing a reporter, or continue to let China, and The United Nations laugh at us all the time or do you want to get back your position in the world as leaders of the free world?
These are just a few of the questions Americans must answer when we vote November 6th, 2018.JUst remember this when you vote, how you vote you will have to live with the results, and it won’t be pretty, if you go republican, believe me!.
I can’t tell Americans how to vote, but I can state what I think on the issues we face, I don’t like nations around the world laughing at us, for the tariffs trump put out and doing it back to us, hurting our jobs and our farmers and auto industry. I don’t want to pay for a wall between usand Mexico no matter who comes for help to our borders. I don’t wish to lose Social Security in anyway or Medicare or Medicaid, do you? If you do your a fool, you medical costs will soar and you will have no medical insurance either, Trump killed Obama Care, and replaced it with nothing. pay the thousands at a clip everytime you go to a Doctor or Hospital, watch them attach your pay and home when you can’t do it. go ahead.
As Ford Motor Company starts laying off workers and cutting back jobs, to keep in business, I remind all it is Trumps tariffs killing those jobs and that company. Sadly, no one will listen, why, because trump has his loyalists all blinded and fooled with bullshit and rants and chants. It’s crap folks, he colluded with Russia, he Obstructed Justice and it will be known very soon when Mueller issues his report to COngress and The White House in Early december, stand by it’s coming.
Vote November 6th, 2018 and I hope we all make the right choices and put a check and balance system back into effect again!

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