UBISOFT and Assassin’s Creed Origins/ Odyssey

Dear UBISOFT, you created great games called Assassin’s Creed over the years and Origins is maybe one of the best yet, although I have not seen Odyssey as of yet for myself.
While I enjoy Origins and love the graphics and game play in it, I am highly disappointed in the fact you limited the map to many players by, making Download Content for two areas of the map necessary to buy to play and finish the game. Why?
I bought the deluxe version of Origins and expected I would be able to finish the game fully by doing so, then I found out there is an Atlas in the game, the shows two areas of the map that are not available to enter without purchasing the DownLoad Content for them at an additional 30.oo dollars. Why?
I had thought of Buying Odyssey also, till I found this out about Origins and you disappointed me greatly that, as the maker of the game you did this to so many customers like myself who paid 80 bucks a shot for the deluxe version. Why?
I understand, you want to make money by creating and selling the game and by making the game expansions or download content too, but, you are cheating those of us who paid for the Deluxe Version, by keeping the ending from us all. It’s not right. Each version of the game should have it’s own ending completely, so that we can finish the game, not by finding out there is more map to it than we thought! I am very disappointed with Ubisoft and the Assassin’s Creed Creators for doing this to customers. Please explain why it was done and when you will give access to the two areas of the map to those of us who paid for the Deluxe Version! Sadly, I bet you won’t an dthat in and of itself will be enough for me to stop buying your games, for I can’t complete the game without the Download Content and the price for one video game now at 59.99, or 79.99 is enough for me, I can’t afford 99.99 a game or 119.99 a game to complete one and I don’t want a game that is suckering us in for more money.

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