Global Warming is Real

Temperatures rise, waters rise, land masses decrease, and the atmosphere erodes as we lose the protection against the infringing space coming at us. The sun burns hotter in the daylight on the planet, the temperatures keep rising by 2 degrees each year, as the glaciers at the North and South Poles slowly melt away, the animals like polar bears are running out of places to live and are dying off. Our waters are becoming polluted and the fish are disappearing due to pollution and over farming. The world is dying, slowly and no one cares or is addressing it, what will happen to mankind?
President Trump says, well I can read these things, it will reverse itself in the future we will be fine. The facts are real folks, our planet is dying, we are killing it because we are greedy,selfish and too dumb and full of ourselves, to work as one, mankind must work together to stop global warming or, we shall perish from the planet, and the planet earth will be another Mars, dead, life killed off and desolate. The least mankind should think about is saving our species from total extinction. I don’t care what political party, what nationality, what, country, you are, you should know, mankind is going to blink out of existence, within ten to twenty years from today.
Scientific facts are here, in the public and scientific communities of the world, yet mankind is being foolish enough to ignore the signs. When our grandchildren and great grandchildren come around to adulthood there may be no planet for them to live on, we are killing it folks!
For every action the planet reacts, that is how nature works and science too folks, wake up!. Everything else is minor compared to what I am saying here, the Former Vice President AL Gore was correct, and even if the Republicans wont admit it, it stares us dead in the face and in the eyes today. Our refusal to do anything about it, will kill mankind and the planet Earth we live upon, there is no doubt.
Mankind, is thinking well we can find another planet to live on, righty, wrong! I don’t care if you think we can terraform another planet and make it liveable for humanity or not, we don’t have the time to do so, or the way to get there fast enough. We don’t have the scientific knowledge to control and create a planet’s atmosphere to, sustain human life, it would take knowledge and the ability all to come together in an instant. We can’t do it!
THis is not some science fiction film here, I am talking reality on this planet for all humankind right now. Sadly, we all ignored Vice President Al Gore’s words and his call to save the planet for too long, he tried to tell us the fossil fuel emissions were destroying the atmosphere many years ago, he tried to tell us the oceans were rising, he tried to tell us food will run out and so will land masses as the glaciers melt, no one listened, we blew him off, and now as scientist have finally stated publicly disasters will strike the earth within ten years. What do we do then folks, all die off? Global Warming is real, to preserve the planet mankind must stop burning fossil fuels, we must stop polluting our waters and our atmosphere we breathe. We must all work together to save the atmosphere so we can breathe, the water so we can drink and the planet so we have a home, Wake Up Now!

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