Video Gaming Prices, and Downslide of Industry

Video Game prices are rising for all players and games it seems to me. The makers like UbiSoft, are making graphically great games with fun play to them, but in order to get the full game so you can play to completion and enjoy an ending one now has to pay 99.99 for one at least.
I know what I am talking about here, I bought Assassin’s Creed Origins last year and paid 79.99 for it then and still didn’t get the full game, two parts of the map are blocked off, from access unless you pay the extra 40.00 dollars for the game Download Content Packs. Then you get to open the final two areas and play the game to its end, sadly you don’t find this out until you get close to finishing what you did buy. At that point as you close in on the 50 percent point of the game, you see an Atlas finally show up on the map and you look at it and you will notice the two areas blacked out from play, and marked as being needed to be done. When you try to enter them you are denied access, without the DownLoad Content.
After conversations with Clerks at Gamestop in my area, the above was made clear to me, that video game companies are doing this with most games now a days. They lure you into the game with preview videos of it online and on consoles like X-Box and Playstation, but they don’t tell you it will cost you at least 99.99 a game to get the full version. That is what is happening with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Games now, it happened in Origins and is now also happening in Odyssey their new one. It took conversations and looking it up online and on Ubisoft’s web site for myself and my friend to understand it all.
Now the Shooter that is out and new, Call of Duty, Black Ops IV, has maps and online play only and no campaign mode at all. SO, you are forced to play it online against others, with no way to practice or learn the controls. So as soon as you spawn into the game people are waiting for you and they blow you away, because they know the spawn points. To get all of the maps to pay again you must pay for the higher end versions of the game or not et the aps you want.
The average video gamer for X-box One or above or Playstation 4 or above is not made of money folks we are average americans who work for a living or some are retired like myself. We can’t really afford one hundred dollars for one video game period, and it is a suckers job, when they do this to customers. Personally, I liked Origins as a Game and RP, but when I found out I needed forty bucks more to complete it I surrendered.
As of right now I am trying to decide if I want to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or not, for if I do I must put up at least 99.99 plus tax to get it and that makes it rough on me since I am on a budget being retired and disabled. I love the role play of these games and the graphics and yes even the length of them, and size of the full maps, for they take time to complete and last many hours. But, I also have to weigh the cost of buying such a game against my budget to live and survive in America today, and i am no Donald trump, given millions at 8 years old.
The Video Gaming Industry, has to realize soon enough that they are selling less games or copies of these games due to these pricing tricks. It will hurt their business I am sure and it will start showing to them, if many like myself stop buying them at the increased prices. I can just play the ones I have on different levels and have fun that way, I don’t need to pay 100.00 bucks for a game. Sadly, if what I am predicting happens the video gaming industry will slowly fade from existence. Many who play these games are disabled veterans or disabled people period, and children of all ages whose parents let them do so, and who can not continue to pay a hundred bucks for a game for themselves or their kids. The almighty dollar is hard to come by even in today’s economy and job market, and parents will look at their kids and say no, when the choice is a hundred dollars for a video game or food on the table or paying the bills to survive, for that is what we disabled veterans must do too. Companies like Ubisoft and others who make these video games must come to realize, they are prices themselves out of business. Unless parents and video gamers unite and demand lower prices, the players who play these games can’t afford them anymore.

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