12 days to Midterm Elections / Read Please!

While we get ready to vote in our Midterm Elections this 2018, I think we should all consider some things no one has probably brought up before. 1) Donald Trump is the most unqualified President in American history without a Degree in Law or any experience in Politics at all. 2) Trump causes anger, racial tensions, attacks other candidates and organizations who disagree with him in anyway. 3) He destroyed HealthCare, specifically ObamaCare and gave no replacement for it at all. 4) He has slapped Tariffs on our allies and our enemies who have in turn slapped double the amount of tariffs back on us, and is now costing American Workers and Farmer billions.5) His Nationalist views on Immigration, are destroying America’s reputation in the world. 6) He is the first President in American History to be laughed at the United Nations. 7) He promised the Mexicans would pay for a wall between us and them, and the Mexicans told him where to go, so he now wants Americans to pay for a wall we have never needed in the past and still dont today. 8) Under no President before him, has the Racial tensions, Demogue Speech, been worse in America, his divide and conquer ideas are wrong. 9) If you tell me his rhetoric and speeches at Rallies across America are not responsible for the 10 explosive devices aimed at Democrats who oppose his views and ways I will tell you, you are full of shit. He still doesn’t understand his anger speeches and his mouth are being listened to by all in the world at home and abroad and he is influencing people. Stupid or is he just ignorant of what is going on around him, you tell me.
That is just the first dozen reasons to Vote Democrat this November 6th, of 2018, coming up. Everyone one of the ten people targeted by this so called bomber or terrorist, are opponent of Trump’s who have spoken out strongly against hs policies and ways. This is obviously a politically motivated event, set off by Trump’s big mouth and his refusal to take blame for anything he says or does. He never apologizes when wrong, or admits he is wrong, which is like 99 percent of the time. He is the problem here and he is like a loose cannon in Washington, DC , about to let loose his anger on HealthCare, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. The Republicans at his direction and under him now want to cut back these programs, do we the American people want that to happen. I warn all the rising cost of Medical and dental coverage for seniors is crazy, no one is working to lower those costs in anyway with the Medical Companies and Insurance Companies of the world and until that is done, we the American people will pay more to get help. Trump is incapable of correcting this problem and so is his Administration, so instead of coming up with an ObamaCare Alternative that works, they now want to dump more Medical Cost on Americans country wide. I suggest to Trump and his so called Republican Party friends, he send some people north to Canada and find out how the canadians gave countrywide medical coverage to all citizens and how they paid for it and bring it back to America and find a way to institute it here for the United States. It’s not hard to do, learn from an Ally, bordered to us, is it. Or did Trump make an enemy out of Canada now so they wouldn’t help us even if they could?
Here is my bottom line come November 6th, 2018, I am voting Democrat in all areas. I don’t hate Trump the person, I hate Trump’s Policies, his actions, his attitude and his mouth. I hate the fact he is the closest we have ever had to a Dictator in American History, he fails in empathy, caring, he fails in vision and leadership areas. He fails as a human being to bring us together as a country and divides us all, in all ways he can.
Donald J. Trump only cares about Donald J. Trump and his rich friends who he has already given a large tax break to. He is selfish, narcissistic, rude, crude and indifferent, and has no business as President of the United States encouraging violence at political rallies across America.
On November 6th, 2018, if you Vote Republican you vote to destroy, Social Security, medicare, Medicaid, you vote to be laughed at by the World at The United nations, by North Korea and the Saudi Arabians too. You vote for a party that wants to strip Americans of coverages and benefits they have had since the Second World War and that have been working since then for all of us. When you pull that lever, or fill out that sheet, or vote electronically, which I believe they should stop and go back to paper ballots, but, when you vote, remember you are killing the future for yourself, your own children and grandchildren too, if you vote Republican, vote democrat and save America and lets Balance the Government, and put back in place what the forefathers of America intended a check and balance system of Congress versus the White House! Other wise what we have done is allowed one party to ram things through and control your whole life and future.

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