World Series Game 3/ Lets Go!

I am a Red Sox fan and always have been, win or lose and always will be. Last Nights Game 3 was a game for the ages. The LA Dodgers won the longest game in World Series history, 18 innings of pure baseball. I sat in amazement as this game went past 9 innings into extra, wondered who would win, I tried to stay up because I wanted to see the ending and just couldn’t, and when I finally, went to sleep it was 2 am EST here.
Nether team, has anything to be ashamed of in this one for sure. never in Major League Baseball History has a World Series game gone 18 innings. Inning after inning, of scoreless baseball, with pitcher after pitcher on both sides, and the benches cleared of anyone. I had to give up in the middle of inning 15, when my body said sleep, I had no choice.
Nathan Eovaldi threw for seven innings in relief as Boston and LA battled each other to a finish with the Dodgers coming up with a 3-2 victory in 18 innings, mind you. This Series is going down in History as one of the best I am sure and I congratulate the LA Dodgers on their win. Yet I am still a Boston Red Sox Fan and will die one I am sure. The performance of both teams was extraordinary, the pitching was amazing and the plays crazy. What we who are Baseball Fans witnessed last night was a gleaming performance by two teams, that amazed and performed greatly. I wish I could have stayed up and watched the ending yet, at 62 years old and being a disabled veteran, I just couldn’t make it. To see the end on the internet this am, to be a solo home run by Munchy of LA in the bottom of the 18th, was amazing. I am not sad Boston lost this one, nor should either team be ashamed of how they played or represented their fans and hometowns. The Managing by both Managers, was terrific, and the timing of the changes in pitchers and players and using of their benches, well what can I say, 18 innings of pure baseball.
As we go forward in this World Series, now at 2 games to one for Boston, in LA, we should remember no matter what happens next, this has been a World Series to remember, forever. Each player, gave their all, some to a point of injuries and throwing their body into the stands. Errors were made, and this game was tied not once but twice. It was and will be remembered, as a game, they will call a marathon, but the reason for it was simple, two great teams, gave their all, they gave their hearts, and in the end one had to win! As a lifetime Boston Fan, I Congratulate The LA Dodgers on their game 3 victory, and look forward to what will come next in this World Series!
I hope the rest of this World Series, will be just as intense, well played and managed by all involved. I know as a fan of MLB and Specifically The Boston Red Sox, I will cheer on my Red Sox and hope for victory. Even as I do, I respect and admire what I saw last night, the Dodgers should grit, and neither side gave up. It was and will always be a Game 3 of a World Series to remember and marvel at. ONward folks, we still need a World Series Champion for 2018, Lets Go!

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