This is the most important MidTerm in American History

Eleven days from now, Americans across the country will go to the Polls and vote. When we do we need to remember the importance of it all. We need to determine for all of us if we will continue down the road Donald J. Trump is taking us not only world-wide but here at home too.

As the North Korea Dictator Kim Jun Un laughs at us, Putin Laughs at us and our once allies on the European continent and now Mexico and Canada laugh at the futility of our president and country, we must determine to take back, the balance needed to make America work again.
President Trump with his Nationalistic views is dangerous folks, the last person to publicly declare himself a nationalist was Adolf Hitler and we all know what happened to him don’t we and what he did to others worldwide!
We face an election at a time time where one party controls both the White House and Congress and it must be changed this time around or we are headed down a road we may not be able to return from ever. We are America folks, I remind all, we are a Republic, built on Democracy, not a Fascist or Communist country, we can not continue to let one party control all that happens. Our form of government was built on our Constitution folks, which our forefathers put into place the three branches of government as a check and balance system against a President who is out of control, and prevents one from destroying the nation, this is one election where it is needed most.
We are being publically laughed at at The United Nations, our President is laughed at when he says he is running a great government. He is laughed at by the North Korean Dictator and Russian President too, as well as Saudi Arabia now, who committed the murder of a reporter, sad.
The Republicans want to remove your Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security folks, they want to reduce it and they have no care who it hurts. They have already killed ObamaCare and gave you no medical coverage in return, so more and more americans are suffering without now, as medical costs skyrocket.No one is moving to create a medical coverage for all Americans either, no one wants the headache of trying to do it and they run from the hard negotiations it would take with the Medical Industry. They are scared of them and don’t care as long as they are rich and have money to pay their own healthcare through Congress that they have. Why can’t America have a Health Care Program that is nationwide for all like Canada, or why won’t they give you the same coverage they have as Senators and Congressmen and women?
How much more must the Farmers and Auto Industry suffer from Trump’s Tariff War with the world? American Farmers are losing millions of dollars, Ford Motor Company is laying off workers and we hear how great the economy is right! Listen folks the economy is great for the rich, not the middle class and low class of America, and we have a chance to say something November 6th, 2018 and if we don’t it will only get worse for all of us who are average Americans, trying to survive.
How much more Trump rhetoric must we hear about the News Media being our enemy and false news being reported, it’s all a lie. The News agencies around America and the world including CNN, are not lying or telling us false news, they are giving you fair coverage and reporting only what is happening for real. When Trump feels he is losing ground and his mouth oversteps his as, he cries foul and says the News media is the enemy, they aren’t folks! He diverts, distracts and hides from the facts and denies all he can. In fact all he does is lie to you. Never In American History have we ever had an American President who lies on the average of 24 times a day to all of us, but we do now. Sad isn’t it.
Never In American History has a President incited someone to send bombs to their political opponents and gotten away with it, denying their words had anything to do with it. I am not saying Trump told him to do it or that he forced him or paid him to, I am saying his words incited him to act in the way he did and try to bomb all of trump’s political opponents out of existence. Isn’t that enough for us all to understand and change? Should we have a President in Office who sits in the White House and uses the bully pulpit to incite anger and hate in America. I think not, but we do! he has no right to have crowds yelling Lock Her Up about Hillary and encouraging them to do it, he has no right to call political opponents names and point fingers at them like he does. Ever notice how he is always so paranoid about people pointing fingers at him for anything? Why is that?
Look enough about Trump’s faults as a man, which include a lack of empathy, his being a narcissist, Never admitting he is wrong or apologizing to anyone for anything and more. here is the bottom line for the November 6th, 2018, election for all to consider before you Vote.
What is at stake is America period, we know as a country and nation of people with free will, what is being done to our country right now. Should we allow, Russian Interference in our elections or Chinese no! Should we allow a President who can’t win the popular vote and who colluded with the Russians to ruin our country, the fact is Trump would have lost to Hillary if it wasn’t for russian rubles folks. He Colluded and it will come out I am sure, and even if it don’t isn’t it suspicious enough in your mind to make you wonder?
He has Obstructed Justice we all know he has and yet he denies it all. Well I don’t deny it, I know he did in many ways. Secondly on this point why do you think so any are making deals with the Special Prosecutor for, of course he is guilty of Obstruction. It will come out I am sure, we are waiting on the finish of the Russia Investigation which will hit soon after the midterms I am sure.
We can’t force an Impeachment on Trump, or force congress to vote for one, but we can change Congress, both houses, The Senate and House, so that we have a system of balance back. That way we can prevent further damage to the country, Social security, Medicare, Medicaid and many other issues. The FOunding Fathers designed our Government to have these checks and balances and made midterm elections for correction when mistakes are made. Lets correct the mistake of Trump’s Election and one party control, by going back and putting the check and balance system back into effect so we don’t get raped by the Republican Party as a nation and ruined by a President with no morals, ethics, empathy or idea of what he is doing!. Vote Democrat! Save America!

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