Do Yourselves a Favor Americans, stop the Trump Train/ Republican Train now!

As Trump’s Presidency goes on, and the MidTerm Elections appear on the horizon, violence grows also. When told his rhetoric might be spurning these attackers on and that they are Trump supporters the President just says they are no followers of mine and of course, he is not to blame right, wrong!
He will try to say it is not his fault, he has nothing to do with the violence that now plaques America, but he does. His hate speech against immigrants,his comments about blacks, hispanics and others fuel the white nationalist Movement in America which is now growing. He is either too blind or too stupid or just too damn ignoranant to see what the words he speaks are doing to America.
I tire of hearing how he is going to build a wall on the Mexican Border, we don’t need one and haven’t since we became a country in our own right. We have dealt with the mexican Government and their law enforcement authorities now for 242 year, why bother now? Look I know crime cartels are there and so are drugs and illegal immigration too, but we have had all of that for 242 years and handled it without a wall. We don’t need to build a wall folks, we need to build the policing of the border is all. The Mexicans will go under, over and around the wall to get here we already know it, and no way is Mexico going to pay for the wall as Trump said, they laughed at him. So forget the wall ok!
When he goes to a rally, and let’s people chant, Lock Her Up and does nothing to stop it, he is wrong! Hillary Clinton lost the election she knows it, we know it and she is not the issue anymore, Trump is and he is in the White House pushing the buttons, not her. Leave her alone!
He swears he has the best Economy in american history, it’s alie folks and he isn’t responsible for it currently Obama is. Why is he trying to kill all Obama did, simple, he went to a dinner and it was on national TV and Obama embarrassed his ass, he was mad so he ran for President. That’s what this is all about with Obama’s Birth certificate and killing of ObamaCare nothing else. He doesn’t care if we have medical coverage for lal or not, he is selfish and is mad like a little kid getting even, with a man who laughed at him, that’s all.
As we watch the tariffs he put in place now, he is not stopping China, or anyone else in the markets or world economy, but his tariffs are killing American Steel makers, American Auto Makers and American farmers, to the tune of billions, and he won’t stop and admit he is wrong. Is this a President who will leave your children and grandchildren an America they can survive in? I think not, he doesn’t care about you or me, he has the money his daddy left him, and can afford healthcare, we can’t.
North Korea laughs at us, Russia laughs at us, and for the first time in American History a United States President was laughed at in the United Nations. doesn’t that tell you something in and of itself? It should if your an American, America’s reputation and standing in the world is going down the tubes under Trump!
Here is the main question for all right now though as we close in on November 6th, 2018 and the midterm election, why are the republicans in the Senate and House not stopping Trump, why do they blindly follow his lead and let him do as he pleases? They are scared of him and any backlash he can bring to them and losing their jobs, and they should be, but they should fear the American Public more now. For come November 6th, 2018, Americans will make the choice to say the course or change it drastically. We need the second part, the drastic change is my argument, why, simple, our Forefather’s who designed the Republic we live in and the government we live under and wrote the Constitution did it this way, so the other two branches of Government, The Justice Department and The Congress, would be a check and balance system on the third brand, The Executive Branch and be able to reign in a President who thinks he is a tyrant, dictator, or demagogue, or one who is incapable of holding the Office of President. It’s time to put back the balance,it’s time to stop Trump, and the republicans this midterm is vital, stop the Republicans before they tax you out of existence and kill social security and medicaid and medicare, because they will do it if allowed to, just ask Mitch McConnell, go ahead! He has already publicly stated they will go after it all, and we the American taxpayers, won’t have it, when we need it will we? Nor will our children or grandchildren or anyone in the future if they get their way.
You want to stop the destruction of America from within, you want to save America’s standing and reputation in the world, you want to save medicare, medicaid, social security, and you want to go back to being friends with the world including Mexico, Canada, and Europe, Vote Democrat on November 6th, 2018!
Do Yourselves a Favor Americans, stop the Trump Train/ Republican Train now, Vote Democrat on November 6th, 2018 and lets put back the check and balance system!

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