Vote, November 6th, 2018, Save America Now!

Election time is coming midterms will be upon us in one week. November 6th, 2018 will be a referendum on not only Donald trump and his rhetoric and lack of ethics and morals and more, but also on the Republican Party that supports all he does and says. What was once proud party the Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln, has gone to shit when Donald trump was elected.
They are like a leadless serpent, snaking through our country and taking poisonous bites wherever they can to destroy America. They have hit under Trump’s direction, the economy by way of tariffs, causing layoffs and loses to the farm industry, and the auto industry. China and Europe as well as Mexico and Canada have slapped us back with three times the amount of tariffs in return. The mexicans will never pay for Trump’s wall across our southern border and I wouldn’t either if I were them. They laugh at Trump’s insistence they pay for it and told him no. he tariffs Canada and their steel industry and hurts our friendship with our allies on our own land mass, both north and south of us.
This is not the Grand Old Party of Lincoln for sure, when it’s leader is prejudice and discriminating against people of color, and it is not Lincoln’s Party for sure. He puts down immigrants, women and bad mouths anyone who disagrees with him or his ideas. It’s not Lincoln’s Party for sure, they are gearing up to take out Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if they can, in the next two years, don’t let it happen.
Trump’s words are now responsible, for 11 deaths in Pittsburgh, numerous bomb threats to mail employees and political opponents of his, now totaling 14,and he still rants on with his nationalist views, and crap. The Republicans in the Senate and House do nothing to object to his language and rhetoric and let him spew his hatred all around the country and world. It’s sad! He is directly responsible for the attacks by mail from the bomber and the deaths in Pittsburgh of the jewish people who are innocents, in all of his bullshit. Yet, The Republicans do as they please and tel him do what he wants in all ways we need to stop him.
Unlike, Tom Steyer who is pushing for Trump’s Impeachment, don’t get me wrong I did sign his petition for sure, but, in the end it will take too long to Impeach Trump, action has to come in this midterm election November 6th in one week. We must vote all republicans out from the House and Senate that we can to balance the system out again in the way the forefathers, meant it to be,it is the only way we can slow down the damage and survive. Million of Americans are now without HealthCare, all because he is a petty stupid idiot, who killed ObamaCare only because he hates Obama for humiliating him. Sad!
The North Koreans laugh at him, The Russians laugh at him and he is Putin’s puppet. Now The Saudi Arabians are laughing at him too and getting away with murder because he is align and attached to them for money. Wake up folks he is the most corrupt President in American History.
We have never in America’s 242 year History, ever had our President laughed at in the United Nations, till Donald Trump, spoke there. Our status as a leader in the world for moral, ethical and other values is gone, our President doesn’t even know what the word nationalist means, doesn’t he know history and what and who the so called Nationalist were and are. trump the Nationalist were Hitler, the Nazis and Mussolini, it’s sad he would call himself one.
Similarities to Hitler and Mussolini can be found in Trump’s words, his rhetoric and more. He attacks the media and press in all ways trying to control them, calls news fake news.Sad, the media and news are protected under the Amendments of The Constitution Trump, let them speak. You will never stop them, that’s for sure. And people defend him doing so, that’s just outright sad and wrong. Before it gets worse and more are hurt and attacked by blind Trump Loyalist Followers, we need to put back the system of checks and balances, the forefathers of America put in place. Let’s stop the craziness, the stupidity and the destruction of America, it’s status and friendships and relationships with our allies and ourselves, Vote Out The Republicans, Vote in Democrats in The Senate and The House and lets get the country back!. November 6th, we need to put back the checks and balance system, stop the destruction, before you and I have no Social Security, no Medicaid, No Medicare, and we need to find a HealthCare package to replace ObamaCare and stop the destructive Tariffs before they stop us. Vote November 6th, 2018, Vote for Democrats, Vote for independents and vote out the Republicans. America needs to be fixed and the mistake of 2016, must be controlled and then removed by 2020, let’s do what is right! Vote, Vote, Vote, bring a friend to the poles, bring relatives bring all who will vote to rid us of the Republican and Trump mess. Vote!!!!!!!

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