November 1st, is here ,Six days to the Vote!

As of November 1st, tomorrow we have six days as a nation to determine if the Republicans really should be allowed to continue, to run our country, under the current leadership.
Donald J. trump has no leadership qualities, he has no empathy for anyone, lacks moral fiber and spews hate at so many people it is sad. He is narcissistic, and a White nationalist who hates people of color, and he lies an average of 24 times a day to the American people.
He is under investigation for tax fraud, sexual harassment against women, and so much more. Colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 Presidential Election against Hillary Clinton and continue on from there by Obstructing Justice left and right as he pleases, is crazy and horrible for America. He killed ObamaCare and left millions of Senior Americans without healthcare replacing it with nothing worthwhile.
He embarasses America at The United Nations and gets laughed at by the world, Angers Canada and Mexico, tries to build a wall where one hasn’t been needed in 242 years of American History, and people still blindly follow this guy, your kidding right? The Republicans in the Senate and House blindly follow him and do nothing to stop him and people still vote republican come on now!
McConnell is a total loser in mind mind, he backs every word Trump says and pushes Kavanaugh through to confirmation and now America must live with a conservative Supreme Court, and women issues are at stake left and right. Their right to Abortion, will go down the tubes because no one stood up to Trump or The Republicans and no Republican would stand up and say no to Kavanaugh.
Look folks the Republicans can say all they want about a great economy, but I remind you, it was Obama who began the upward route it took and he maintained it, through his Presidency. Trump likes to sit there and cry how great he is for the economy, have him explain the mounting anger from our allies and the layoffs by Ford Motor Company, and the tariffs that are killing the american farming industry now.
I am sure no matter what many republican diehards and Trump Loyalist are going to do, is vote republican, but if you do vote that way, watch Social Security go, Watch medicaid go, watch Medicaid go. I am telling all Americans I know, Vote Democrat come November 6th, 2018, if you don’t there is no check and balance system in place to balance the conservative movement and the destruction they are serving up now. Trump’s rhetoric should be enough to turn you off of him, yet his Republican cronies in The House and Senate keep pushing his ideas, thoughts and words on us all. If you want a balance to the madness that is now happening in this world and America, I suggest you vote Democrat and balance it out now, before it gets worse.

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