Immigration is not the Real Issue ! It is a distraction for the Election!

Immigration is not a problem folks, we have a system in place where people may come to America and apply for Amnesty or Citizenship, under the laws in place. We are a country that accepts people who are persecuted in their own land and who fear for their lives , if they go home, unlike many other countries. Trump’s is being assine and idiotic to send 5,000 troops to the Mexican/ American Border to stop the people in this so called caravan. We already have Border guards folks and people at the points of entry to check each person entering the country and decide whether the qualify for asylum. Secondly is you can’t see it is a political ploy to fire up his republican/ Trump Loyalists and supporters for the midterms. There is no crisis here, it’s a political ploy is all a dance Trump is doing to get his people riled up, don’t fall for it. We don’t need to use our military in this way and it is wrong to do.
Secondly, Mueller is close to finishing his Investigation into the Russian involvement in the 2016 election. When Mueller finishes, I am 100 percent sure we will see collusion is a factor and was in the 2016 election and that since then Trump has committed Obstruction of Justice in many ways.
What we are witnessing today and have been since January of 2016, is a corruption of American Policies, Morals and Ethics and by a man who committed tax fraud to become a billionaire, has sexually harassed at least 16 women, lies to the American People at a rate of 24 times per day and doesn’t care about anyone but his own self, his own family and his rich cronies, out there.
He raves on how great his Administration has grown the economy, but I beg to differ with his words. Ford is laying off workers due to his tariffs on steel, the american farmers needs assistance by the government because of his tariffs on others, who are fighting back with their own tariffs. The stock market drops like a rock every time he pushes his tariffs and people lose money. he is so full of shit he stinks. Obama built the economy , not Trump, but Trump is taking credit for something he never did. Sadly, he continues to lie.
A Point I would like to make to all who read this is, if you vote Republican Tuesday November 6th, you will enable Trump and The republican party to kill social security, medicaid and medicare, it’s bad enough senior citizens have no medical coverage as it is, now they want to strip you of the programs you need to survive. Sad.
As we close in on Tuesday, /Election day we must face reality now, we need to put back the balance in the American Government, we must use the check and balance system of our forefathers and Constitution that is original and our own. At the rate this administration is lying and destroying America from within, by the end of Trump’s term currently, if he is allowed to continue, our country will border on Nationalism, and he is a nationalist, he said it himself. The last Nationalist on the Planet who pushed the ideas Trump is pushing were none other then, Adolf Hitler, and Mussolini, as well as Stalin of Russia. Do we want to be nationalistic and fascism and maybe even become communist? What has happened to us, are we allowing one man to control our country, our people and speak about others as animals and attack other politicians and media outlets and television reporters and paper reporters too. We have a Constitution, he can’t be changing it on his own as he pleases, he can’t shut down the birth rights of those born here no matter where their parents came from, the constitution says no. He is not a God folks, he is a man, running a program to destroy America, from within, and that includes all in the Republican Party who fully support him and his ideas. Trump is Putin’s Puppet, and the Republicans are playing to his fiddle and mindlessly follow him, they are actually just kissing his ass. sadly, America will go down the tube, real quick shortly.
The election on Tuesday is more than a mandate and referendum on Trump and his policies, it is a referendum, on America’s role in the world, on it’s standing and status in the world and on the social policies and programs we need to continue and survive. It’s is also a referendum on the Republican Party, it’s leaders and it’s action since 2016, we have to stop them now.
Vote Democrat on November 6th, 2018. Put Back the Check and Balance System, to stop a President who is running rogue now and doing as he pleases. Do we the American People want to be seen as not helping desperate people, do we want to be laughed at by North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia and more? Do we want a President Laughed at by The united Nations, no we don’t!
America was built on immigration and immigrants folks, his own mother came here from another land and yet Trump wants to put up walls and not help those needing help, and deny them asylum sad. maybe to prove a point someone should deport his wife’s parents, who just recently became American citizens, they don’t belong here either, by his statements.
Do yourself a favor Americans, vote to turn Congress The Senate and house Democratic and let them check and balance what is going on and protect all of us, from the dangers from the Trump Administration!
Vote Democrat, or lose folks, save innocents from being turned away and killed who are fleeing their country and dictators. Our Forefathers saved many and we should still be doing it.

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