Let’s make a change America! Vote Democrat November 6th!

The chills and winds of November are here folks, the winds blow the leaves fly, the rains come and for Americans, comes the biggest election in recent American History. Yes it is blowing in strong, the weather and the election, will Americans sit as is and allow the Republicans to continue to destroy America, Healthcare, and our status and standing in the world or will we fight back, are we as ignorant and stupid and blind as to allow Trump and the Republicans to kill Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and leave us all with nothing to fall back on?
As November 6th, gets closer a few thoughts for all Americans to consider this election, 1) What HealthCare do you have left, and how much does it cost you? 2) Do you have senior citizens in your family on Medicare, medicaid and Social Security, and can you afford to let Trump, McConnell and the Republicans rip that away from them and leave them paying soring medical bills as they age? Are you ready to take home your grandparents and parents and ill children and watch them yourselves, because they will have no insurance of social safety net left?
What about this Immigration issue folks, do you believe trump has the right to send military troops to the border between us and Mexico and tell our troops if the migrants throw stones, consider it a attack and fire back? I know I am not happy about it at all and if one shot is fired by an American Soldier at the Border and one mexican is injured or dies, we have a war on our hands. He isn’t thinking straight doing this at all!
We have people dying in America from gun violence and anger and hate mongering and rhetoric that should never be spoken by the Republicans or Trump. Is it right, that an American President is in office and talking hate mongering, discrimination and sexually attacking women too, especially with 16 accusations against him for sexual harassment? Do you really want to let McConnell and the Republican Party kill Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, can you afford to lose it?
The Republicans are backing all Trump wants to do, like blind puppies with no vision of the future, or care about the people they represent! Do you really want to keep republicans in Office in the Senate and house who are blind loyalist to Trump, who kiss his ass daily and do whatever he wants without saying a word against him? Is this the America you asked for,when you Voted Trump President and The Republicans the House and Senate in 2016? Is this the fulfillment of the vision you had as Americans, when you voted Republican in 2016, or is this the result of your anger, and passion against Hillary Clinton, and you have gone too far and almost made us nowa nation of Nationalists under a Nationalist President?
I want all to look up the definition of Nationalism and what a Nationalist really is, and when you do, I want you to compare it to Hitler, Mussolini, and Japan’s Hirohito during World War 2. LOok it up folks all were nationalist, who attacked us and tried to take over the world, how close is Trump to them, now? I believe in America and democracy and the Republic, but, I don’t believe in military force against migrants, I do believe in hate mongering, sexually abusing women, taking away women’s rights to abortion, killing HealthCare for all that Obama Put in place and not replacing it, or in letting the Republican kill Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and leave elderly people who are suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases with zero coverage! It’s wrong!
Add to all the above the fact of, and I am being generous here, possible collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election, Obstruction of Justice left and right since January 2016, The convictions and indictments from Special prosecutor Mueller and the hate crimes and killings spurned and caused by Trump’s rhetoric and speeches and we border on the edge now, of seeing a new Hitler in America, in Trump. Sad.
Listen to me please Americans, if you continue to allow the Republicans to rule and control the Senate and The House of Representatives , you have taken away all checks and balances intended by the forefathers of America to control a President. Do you understand what that means, it means we could end up with a Dictator like Hitler, Mussolini, is that what we want now?
I know I sound extreme in saying the above, but, let me say this I am a disabled veteran, I fought for America for sixteen years of my life, I gave my body and soul to protecting America and it’s political beliefs and constitution and I can’t stand what i am seeing here. Lets straighten out the mess, lets give Congress back to the democrats, and checkmate a President who has lost it.
Vote November 6th, Vote Democrat in the Senate and House, don’t let the Republicans take away Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and allow a President to let troops shoot at immigrants on our borders looking for asylum. Let’s make a change America!

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