A GoodBye To Bush/ and A Personal Battle!

   It is now a fitting time in America, for all Americans to stop, take a deep breath and think about our country, our nation and our position in the world and here at home.

    As 2018, gets closer to ending, it is December 3rd, 2018 today, we are about to bury a President, who deserves the highest honors and respect Americans can give to him, George Herbert Walker Bush. It will be a sad time for his family and friends and the nation for he was a stabilizing, honest force of nature, that worked to better the world, and our country.

     94 years old is a long life folks for any human being, and like another person said to me, before he passed on, there comes a time, when we all surrender to the eventual, and he said to me when he died, I don’t mind dying, at least I know I did all I could in life, and I will rest in peace now. It is all we can expect, when we die, and all that all humans know, there is no more pain, suffering, or emotional problems, there is eternal peace of the body and the soul.

      That said,  I want to discuss a subject near and dear to my own heart, Cancer! cancer takes a life every some thirty seconds on this earth. It devastates people’s lives, leaves people alone without the loved ones they had all their lives. Cancer needs fighting, we need more money for research, we need more scientific breakthroughs, we need something more than chemo and radiation, we need new methods, new procedures, and a stronger fight. 

        Do I know the answer to it all, no folks I don’t, do I wish I did, hell yes I do! I will tell you why I do, I watched first my grandfather die of cancer in a Nursing Home in 1971, then, in 1984, my real father died of it, then in 1990 it took the man who raised me as his own, and then in 1991 it took my mother. And it still wasn’t done taking from me.

        In 2006, it struck my second wife, she has breast cancer which has now by 2018 metastasized into her bones and tissues of her body. He hair is gone, her body aches and hurts her and yet she fights on and won’t surrender and keeps a positive attitude. Cancer does quit folks, it never will and just because she has it didn’t mean it would stop, in 2013, I got hit with cancer too. I was diagnosed with lung cancer, August 2013, and then it was surgically removed from me one month later on September 4th, 2013, I lost a lobe and one third of my right lung. Yet I am still here in 2018 and have survived it well enough. Each day, I watch my wife fight cancer and take her to chemo, three out of four Thursdays a month, I sit by her side and watch them drip, chemicals into her body to try to keep her alive. So now, you understand why I say, Fight Cancer, Give so More will Live!



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