December 13th, 2018, Wake up, Global Warming is real and a killer!

Before I say anything, about politics, our current world crisis of global warming and climate changes, or any other subject I want to reflect on somethings in my life. I grew up in the 1960’s and I was born in 1956. The 1960’s in America was a hot pot of a mixture of races, nationalities and colors. I grew up in the projects of a city called Waterbury Connecticut, in it’s North end folks. I attended a elementary school filled with all races, creeds, origins and colors, we learned growing up, a few facts of life. 1) In life, to survive you have to fight back when attacked. 2) As you go on you have to learn to get along with all kinds, no matter what. 3) Life doesn’t hand you everything, you have to work for it and earn it, to get it. 4) Work produces, money and material things you want. 5) Family is not always everything, some have family units that don’t work out for them, so they survive by finding other families to help them survive. 6) Take care of those you love and what you got, make the material things last as long as you can, money is not easy to come by.

I watched on Television the death of John F. Kennedy when he was shot, in Dealey Plaza, November 22nd, 1963 on live television in school, with children my own age. So it affected me as a child and now as an adult. I loved the woods and science as a kid and escaped into the comic book worlds, created by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, I read comic books and collected them. I wasn’t a sports nut, playing football, baseball, and basketball, that was my older brother’s place not mine. he was the sports hero, I was the book reader and babysitter for my younger siblings. I learned as I grew older this happened to many second born children. I overcame attention deficit disorder and attention deficit disorder too. No one knew what they were in the 1960’s, so I suffered for that in many ways. Yet, I overcame anyway, in one way or another. I overcame my mother trying to give me away not once, not twice but three times in a two year period. So, I also learned never surrender, always fight back.

As I grew older I learned many things from many people, and not all were my parents, I got most I know from friends I had over the years. No my elder brother did not come rescue me when kids bullied me or beat on me, I had to fight back on my own. No he didn’t show up and help me, play with me, or spend time with me, he was too busy, being the sports hero. So guidance, most second born. get from their older sibling, I never received.

Look, I know many are going to say, these things are common to many people and no one cares that’s fine. Here is the point I am going to make, we are all different in personality types, size, weight, looks, and thoughts. we all react differently and we all do one thing no matter what, we struggle and survive. It’s vital for humanity to do the same.

Today, December 13th, 2018, Americans must make choices and decisions we never thought we would ever face in our lifetimes. 1) Do we keep burning fossil fuels and destroying the air we breath and the planet we live on daily? 2) If we do keep going the way we are, where will mankind go in the future to survive and how will we get there and survive there? 3) What will happen to the Earth, and humanity in the next decade or so, as pollution, global changes happen and global warming continues? 4) Is there anyway to stop what is happening due to global warming, air pollution and mankind destroying the atmosphere we all breath and the planet we live on? 5) Final question folks, can mankind change fast enough to save the planet it lives on, and the air and water it needs to survive, or will we die off as humans and cease to exist?

We live in a world of uncertainty, we have no real control over our world, our atmosphere, and our own air we breath. We exhale more carbon dioxide then, we have the right to, we overpopulate the planet as it is now. We keep tearing down trees, plants and those that create and produce the oxygen we need to live.  Why?

You are like all parents and adults out there, just like me, you want the best for your offspring, and you want them to live full productive lives. So I  recommend we get a handle on Global Warming, Pollutants and Atmospheric break downs now, before it goes too far! We are killing ourselves and our planet the longer we do nothing to save it. Al Gore the Former Vice President of the United States, warned us all folks, and no one is listening, and it may be too late already. Wake up, Global Warming is real and a killer!

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