Ten days from now, the World will be celebrating a Holiday once more!

Ten days from now, the World will be celebrating a Holiday once more, the Christians and catholics, the Muslims and the Jews, all nationalities will celebrate a day, when, a Savior was born and mankind was at peace.

Some will say Merry Christmas, some Happy Holidays, other will call it by other names, but it all means the same. We are all human beings folks, we all have our faiths, our beliefs, and our dreams and loves. We all laugh, we all cry, we all live and we all die! We celebrate and pass the time with those we love and share our hopes and dreams, it is what makes the world special for us all.

Some will have big dinners, some will have gatherings, some will exchange presents, some will just be happy seeing one another again. The conversations will grow around the tables. the laughter will come and go, the children will be happy, for they will get what they want you know, within reason. We are not all billionaires or millionaires,so our children and families will get what we can give, to the best of our abilities, I am sure. Tis The Season of Giving, Tis the Season of Love, Joy and togetherness. 

As we Celebrate this year, I want all to think of someone they love dear. Imagine their smiles, inmagine their laughter, imagine having a good time with them, and interacting, and nothing else distracting. Can you remember those moments, with family, or friends you love or loved? I can and i hope by remembering them, we all remember what the Christmas and New Year Holidays are really about, it’s not what you receive, it’s should always be about what you give. Don’t have money, can’t buy gifts, some may say, then the next best thing and probably the best gift of all, you can give is your presence and being there, do it! It will make those you love so much so much Happier if you DO!

Christmas and New Years are two Holidays so closely connected it is like they are one. At least in The United States they are, and you can see it when people send out cards for the holidays, it always comes with the Greeting, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Yet, in fact these are two different holidays folks, one is a spiritual, religious one, and the other is a start of a new year and new beginnings for all. We go through Christmas fast usually in a day or two, maybe three and before you know it the gifts are gone, and we dream of the next year and what may come. We sit around and watch the Bowl Games and Playoffs of sports of different sorts, and the women, gather and gab, the children play with the toys they all got on Christmas Day. We never stop and think of what others less fortunate might be doing or not doing. We never take the time to do that do we?

I am not writing this to be a downer on anyone’s Holiday Spirit or Christmas Season Joy, nor am I writing it to spoil anyone’s New Year, but I am writing it let others know there are people living in fear, people running for cover, some who lost family, friends or a lover. 

I write this for those who are severely sick with Cancer, or those who have lost loved ones to Cancer, the Big C, they call it. Cancer as we all know, is still with us, ravaging lives and taking loved ones from so many. The Honored, the Famous, the everyday man and women too, the mothers the fathers and children, we all miss so much. Cancer doesn’t quit folks, it ravages, it destroys, it cripples and it kills and it needs cured, and to be gone.

I write this for my Grandfather who died of Pancreatic Cancer, My father who died of Lung Cancer, My Mother who died of Lung Cancer, my Step-Father who raised me and died of Lung Cancer, I write this for my wife of 18 years, who I have spent 25 years with, who is battling breast cancer, that has ravaged her body,and now metastasized to her bones and tissue, and i write it for those who won their fight like me and are lucky to have survived it, I survived Lung Cancer in 2013 now. You want to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, so do all of us who are Cancer Victims! 

I will not beg you, I will not cry, if i can help it, but I will ask you this, If You or a member of your family, came down with a horrible disease like cancer, and they were fighting it, wouldn’t you ask for help too!

For some of us, it may be the Final Christmas or New Years, or Holiday Season, you want to really know what it is all supposed to be about spend a Holiday Season with a Cancer Patient, go ahead if ya dare! You may find out the season is about taking care of others and not yourself! It may sure you, that making a Cancer patient laugh, or talk, will make your day and theirs and you may learn.

THis is My Wife’s Story of How she fights

 I leave all for Today with a wish for a Happy Holiday Season and a Reminder of What is Important About Christmas!

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