I’m Dreaming! Happy Holidays to ALL!

Now many, decades ago, the world first heard the song, White Christmas, with it’s opening of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, well, many still do today and will forever more, at least as long as mankind exists.

My personal version is very different than the song itself. Why, because my circumstances are not filled with caring family, loving people and songs of joy, intended to put a smile on every girl and boy. My name is not Bing, or Danny, and my lovers were not all stunning beauties, and I have never seen a Christmas Tree so well decorated and big, over 6 foot tall, after all.

I’m dreaming of my own kinda christmas, where life is peaceful and kind, where all I love are healthy and well, and ready for adventure all the time.

I’m Dreaming of a home filled with love, that I never really had, one where I have a wife, and in which I was a dad. Where my children run and laugh and play, and there is never a tear any day!

But I know I am dreaming of what can not be, for I am not rich and wealthy. The only joy I have you see, is to see my wife still alive with me!

We have survived cancer you see, and each day, we fight and go to doctors and therapist you see, to try to stop the advance of the big C.

We, have fought now for so long, that sometimes it feels like it will never stop and keep going on!

Christmas Time will find us, together in every way, we don’t have decorations or lots we get, we have each other, and I call her my pet.

We are older now and both have been, through the cancer scene you see, We have fought it in all ways, from radiations to chemo to surgery.

So Christmas Time will find us, slowly fading away, as age and disease, bring us to our knees, we refuse to surrender you see.

I’m dreaming of a painless Christmas, where we care, live in peace, we can breathe and stand and sing, and kiss each other under the mistletoe.

So Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year, Hopefully we will still be here!

Yes I’m Dreaming of a Healthy Christmas for my wife and me, May yours be full of joy and fun, all we want is to survive another one!

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