The Minnesota Vikings Demise/ 2018

The Minnesota Vikings have been my team since I was a child, back when Fran Tarkenton was their QuarterBack and I remember Joe Kapp also. the Purple People Eaters and more. Sadly since their creation in 1960, they still haven’t found a way to win a Championship or what is now called a Super Bowl. They have appeared in the Super Bowl 5 times and lost each time they did. Each time they were unable to score points, they blamed the Quarterbacks, or said it was another reason, this year they went out and paid to get Kirk Cousins at 84 Million for three years. It made Cousin a very rich man when he got the contract and it is all guaranteed money. Yet they sit at a 6 and 6 and 1 record at this point in the season and may not make the playoffs even as a wildcard, in 2018. It’s a sad state of affairs for sure.

  I love the Purple and Gold and have sat through each season they lost, through the good and the bad, including last years miracle game they won and the big lose to the Eagles one game short of the Super Bowl.  Am I the only fan of the Vikings that can see why they lose like this, or am I just wrong. So I will tell all what I think is killing the Vikings this year, as i see it now.

  1. Kirk Cousins is a decent Quarterback his numbers prove it, but, was he worth 84 million? My answer is no, they could have paid Case Keenum the same and got the same numbers.
  2. I don’t care if you have Arron Rogers, Brett Favre, Troy Ailkman, or Kirk Cousins or any other QB, you need an Offensive line that can block!
  3. The Viking have a defensive back field that needs help, you slam the run with the d-line I see that, but you can’t cover with the cornerbacks and safeties you have. Draft some.
  4. If you try to vary your offense, between pass and run, you better have an o-line to block in either instance, otherwise Dalvin Cook can’t really help can he?
  5. We all saw DeFlippo go as the Offensive Coach, I agree with that move, he was too pathetic in his calls, and too freaking boring.
  6. I am about to accept the fact the Vikings may not make the playoffs anyway, even if they paid Cousins 84 million for three years. If so, isn’t it time for the Owner to think about getting a new Head Coach too. I think Mike Zimmer has done all he can, but it is still not enough. Is it time for Zim to go?
  7. OK, let me close with the following: I have been a fan of the Vikings since the 1960’s. Bud Grant is a Legend, so is Tarkenton and The Purple People Eaters too. I shall always be a Vikings fan till I die, but can someone please, just once, tell the team to actually play full games, play with heart and passion and to never quit!

As the 2018 Season winds down, I am sure I am like many Vikings fans out here, upset, sad, and let down again. Maybe, just maybe someone can convey to the Vikings Players, and team as a whole the disappointment they leave their fans with, and try to use it to motivate the team as a whole. I can only hope as a Minnesota Viking Fan, someone will understand and the players will too!

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