A Political Mess of a Holiday Season!

December 2018 rolls on, the stores are trying to survive, people can’t afford to buy toys for girls and boys. Jobs are rolling up you see, just ask Ford, GM and more, like we see. Trump boasts about his tariffs and runs for cover, as the Russia Probe comes nearest. Melania decided to go blonde, and the world all asks, the same, is Stormy Daniels now her name, or is she trying to look the same and has no shame?

Convictions and Indictments are coming forth, I suspect we shall see, as names that ran for publicity now run for cover you see. DOnald Trump Jr. is hiding, in Canada these days, his sister Ivanka hides near Jared, who hides in the open in silence you see. Roger Stone wonders when are they coming for me, Steve Bannon yawns and says yes we shall see, Jerome Corsi says you can’t touch me and swears to never testify you see.

In the meantime the revolving door of the White House roars as former Secretaries and more flow forth, leaving behind a lonely President you see. Donald Trump now has a blockade you see it’s made of lies, and yes red christmas trees. He runs each weekend to Mar a Lago, and watching on tv as his friends all go. They head to jail or prison or court, to protect a liar, and so much more.

I can imagine Donald Trump all alone singing of loyalty  in his temporary home. How his so called supporters and people he put in place, turn to MUeller and tell about the disgrace. The lies, the money, the russia collusion, and yes old Donald the Obstruction charge is coming it’s not an illusion.

So, as we try to celebrate, a Christmas and New Year coming, I hate to tell you Donald old man, your lies are not dumbing the women and men. We understand what you have done, and how you claim the Presidency you won, but, using Russian Rubles to do so, well that make prison for you and your friends a big hole. You will fall like the rest, the question is simple now you see, do we leave you in office to wave like a leaf on a tree, and be helpless or Impeach your ass and let Pence run free? For the fact remains and we all know, Pence is more dangerous than you and we know. So we may just block all you want done, and let you play games and dangle on. For no matter what your supporters say, and they are getting fewer you see, the truth is the truth and it will set us free.

So I say, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year, I hope Donald you have plenty of underwear, for I am sure you are shitting yourself, trying to avoid all the little legal elves!  And yes we know Pence the Elf is on the shelf if you fall down, maybe because he is, Donald we may keep you around. But, I warn you now Donald old boy, when your terms over, the cell awaits, yes it has your name on it for the exit your term date.

Yes it’s Political Mess of a Season and Donald Trump is the Reason! For colluding with Russia is really Treason!

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