Cleveland has a Football Team

 The Cleveland Browns, they couldn’t win a game if they wanted to under Coach Hue Jackson, now suddenly they are on the edge of becoming a playoff team? What happened in Cleveland other than Baker Mayfield, becoming their Quarterback?

We all know how the Cleveland Browns have been pitied and treated like the worst team in sports history, and now they are not anymore in less then two months after Hue Jackson’s release. Why is the question isn’t it, what changed so drastically in Cleveland for this to happen?

The answer lies in the leadership of Greg Williams and his staff, combined with Baker Mayfield. In order to win one must set examples, one must lead, and one must know what the hell one is talking about. Greg Williams has football knowledge and experience as well as a connection to the players., The fundamentals is where you start and that’s what he did. Football is a team sport and it takes not only the players , but also the coaches and assistants to be on the same page and always positive. That is now instilled in the Browns, and they are believing in themselves and each other as a unit. Congratulations to Greg Williams and The Owners of the Browns.

Oh by the way, Cleveland Browns Owners, if you have a half of brain, you will make Greg Williams, you permanent Head Coach and give him a full time shot!

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